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August 01, 2008

pleasant festival

Pleasant festival is this week's new Minoto game. Perhaps the perfect little time killer before I launch the new bonte game only moments from now ...


smokeydokee said...

Thanks quit teasing us!

Anonymous said...

You evil little tease! XD

stratoslover said...

aw, cut like always :-D

Lupina said...

This Minoto's game is more difficult than others. ;)

Lupina said...

I've founded mikoshi and perfect end.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to do ! XD

Jith Not A Jedi said...

I got perfect end "one method in two" and mikoshi end "one method in two", so I'm guessing there's four different ways to get an ending?

Anonymous said...

can't someone leave a walkthrough?

Anonymous said...

what do you do with the cork?

lolmaster said...

I think there are only 2 endings, mikoshi end and perfect end. By "one of two" he means that each is one of the two possible endings.

Jith Not A Jedi said...

Oh I see, that would make sense. (:

Anonymous said...

1. Pick up the brash pen
2. Paint the eyes of the round doll on the first screen
3. Pick up the corkscrew
4. Click on the bird to make it fly away
5. Use the corkscrew to open the bottle when the bird flies over the bottle
6. The bird will drop the ring. Then, pick the ring up
7. Throw the ring to the short red bar to the left of the bear
8. Click on the short red bar, it turns out to be convenient tool, with scissors & can opener
9. Use the scissors to cut the straws hung down from the tree, it takes several clicks to cut down both the rice & starch syrup [Lolipop?].
10. Click on the starch syrup and it will turn into a piece of chopstick
11. What good is of just a chopstick, click it on the candy machine to make a candy floss
12. Give the candy floss to bear in exchange for the fish net
13. Catch a gold fish at the water tank
14. Put the fish into the glass globe and a cork will come out
15. Give the rice to the bird & it will drag down the toy gun over the small house
16. Click on the house door, three animals parade into the festive fun fair and one of them stumples
17. Use the toy gun with the cork to shoot down the canned vegi & bottle of medicine

To get Mikoshi End
18. Give dolphine the medicine

To get Perfect End
18. Use can opener of the convenient tool to open the can
19. Give dolphine the vegi

Heiini said...

cute but i don't understand anything about that game..

Ankeeh x said...

This one is SOOOOOOO easy! This is actually the 1st p&c game that I was able to solve without a walkthrough! =) I'm proud at myself ^^ xD


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