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August 12, 2008


You're on a point and click mission to save poor stick men from more terrible disasters: ari.


riiki said...

Actually, according ti JIG, it's Arijigora.

Anonymous said...

so stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Am so far that I have a stickman on the bench to the left. Can wake him with bird, but stuck from there. Anyone?

Anonymous said...


Click on the dog.
The dog will move right.
Click on the stickman on slide.
The stickman will slide down.
Click on the rope.
The stickman will rappel down.
Click on the monster while rappelling down the rope.
The dog will be scared and he’ll look left towards the monster.
Click on the dog before you’re done climbing up the rope.
The dog will move to the left.
Click on the dog
The dog will bark and scare you back up the slide.
Click on the slide twice.
The slide will fall.
Click on the rope u just got.
The monster will throw a rock.
Quickly click on the fallen slide.
The rock will ricochet onto the seesaw.
Make sure the seesaw’s left end is down.
Click on the bird.
The bird will fly down to the swing.
Click twice on the horse.
It will get stuck on the bench.
Click on the tree three times.
The soccer ball will fall out.
Quickly click on the port-a-potty thing.
The door opens and bumps the soccer ball on the bench.
This is a bit tricky…Click on the stickman to the right…
He will jump down on the seesaw and lanch the rocks. Now a third stickman will fall out of the tree…
When the stickman falls onto the soccer ball, click on the port-a-potty, so the soccer ball goes inside.
Now you have a bomb!
Click and hold on to the swing until it goes all the way up in the air to turn the bird around.
Click on the bird.
The bird will poo on the sleeping stickman to wake him up.
Now click on the hanging stickman.
The monster throws a rock at the hanging stickman and he starts to slide down ready to be eaten by the monster.
Click on the bird again.
The stickman throws the bomb at the bird, and goes into the monsters mouth and kills him, the end!
Fun game!!!

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong... I can't click anything on the left side... somebody else who have that problem? Or is it my computer?

Anonymous said...

First have to finish all the things at the right. Only after you have the 2 balls on the seesaw, you can click on the left side.

Marte said...

I can't click on anything on the left side ether.. :S

Anonymous said...

once you have the rocks on the seesaw put down the right side and have the guy jump on it to send the rocks over to wake up the bird

Anonymous said...

Also you have to time everything just right. Not to bad a game but actually very simple

Bubble Panda said...

Thanks~~ :D

Anonymous said...

when I click on the link, it just comes up with a japanese site with incomprehensible ads.


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