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August 11, 2008

monster basement

Darkness is all you see, the atmosphere grows damp and cold, are you brave enough to escape monster basement?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thought BEFORE the monster!

Anonymous said...

i dont dare do it im at home on my own at the minute lol let me know how u get on hehe

Anonymous said...

awesome...the clues they give help alot. Some objects are tough to find though.

Anonymous said...

Kept me up late again..
Thanks Mate

Anonymous said...

This is so last year....I didn't like it then, don't like it now.

Bart said...

This was from last year? Oops, sorry, but it was only released now on Kongregate, cheers!

Anonymous said...

You probably and hopefully won't need this:


Click the bottom left corner of the godlimations poster (green key).

Pick up book in the bookshelf and use the green key to open it. Go through the book an find the yellow key. You should read the book.

Use key to open bottom drawer under the desk. Pick up golden egg.

Pick up piece of paper in the middle drawer under the desk.

Pick up spray can and piece of paper in the trash can under the desk.

Use spray can on lethal substance on the right side of the desk and pick up the support stand.

Use spray can on vampire flies. Pick up axe and turn off lights.

Call handyman.

Pick up envelope (when it comes) and take out eye.

Use screwdriver (eye) on the lights until you can take out lightbulb.

Call salvation (piece of paper from trash can), dial 725 82 84 66.

Pick up new envelope and take out gift.

Use axe on door until you can't and go through it.

Use lightbulb on round thing on the roof.

When you're done, pick up grey key on top of fridge and the thingy behind the other fridge.

Use gray key on the cage and click blanket twice to pick it up.

Look on the bottom left side of the shelf and pick up thingy 2.

Use support stand, thingy 1 + 2, golden egg and salvation army gift on bookshelf and click on egg.

Click where the shadow of the gift points at wall. A lot. And round it.

Pick up heart and bottle of vitality. Pick up phone. Get scared.

Use blanket on table to cover the smell. Use heart on the right hook by the door.

Use bottle on the monster you should give it to according to book.

Watch good ending.

Anonymous said...

scary n spooky

din wanna continue. esp the ugly scary farmer monster pic on the left.

Anonymous said...

aww i thought the ending was quite sweet actually lol

Anonymous said...

Same here Rstyle.
That farmer was scary.
Had to stop.
Not my favorite game in the world.

Anonymous said...


but scary..


Anonymous said...

HAHA, that ending was cool.
It was pretty scary with all the phones, but fun too.
if you want somethimg scaryer, try scarlet room. that one freaked us out!
tips: kill the monster in the downer basement FAST!

Anonymous said...

midge is a pretentious complainer


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