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August 09, 2008

ponpon house 2

Ponpon house 2 is a cute Japanese point and click escape game. Just like the original ponpon house, the language should be no barrier.


Anonymous said...

yuhuu first but already stuck !

Anonymous said...

Done, great game with really nice animation. I can't wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

This is a very, very nice game. First escape game in a while where I didn't need a walkthrough, but felt challenged. Also the music and graphics actually made me feel happy!

Anonymous said...


Choupette said...

Ok I feel pretty dumb there but I,m stuck >_< what can you open with the key found on the door knob? it doesn't work on the suitcase...

Anonymous said...

I saw that 8,5,and triangle,but I can't properly associate this with the plate on the wall...can anybody please give me a hint?

Anonymous said...

I got stuck at the cave door. i used the code from the bookmark. but why didn't it work?

Anonymous said...

I figured out the coded door. A nice cute game.

Anonymous said...

i m stuck with d key in d garden can some one help me. where to use d key:(

Anonymous said...

i figured it. finisheb d game. its a very nice game. quite inturesting too.

Anonymous said...

how do you get the key and the yellow thing from the squirrel?

Anonymous said...

try giving some candy to the person on the bench...

Anonymous said...


Click on the house until you enter the door.

Go to your left and pick up the crystal heart that appears on the little table.

Also click on the book that is on the table. Flip through and look at the pictures, and take the bookmark from the front of the book.

Turn around and face the door you came in. Notice the planter on the small shelf, it has several small plants growing in it. Pick this up.

Turn 180 degrees to face the window, walk toward the table. There is a white object on it with grooves corresponding to the bottom of the planter you picked up. Use the planter on this white object and watch the seedlings grow! Take the scissors from the far right of the planter.

Return to the front door. There is a key tied to the doorknob. Use the scissors on the string and pick up the key from the floor.

Return to the table under the window. Click on the chair and then on the table to see the locked drawer that is located on the left side of the table. The key from the front door opens this drawer.

Take the paper and fish key from the drawer.

Leave the table and turn left, toward the blue suitcase. Use the fish key on the suitcase. Take the items inside - a fish and a turn key.

When you have all the items, a funny-looking lady walks in and gathers her purse and hat. Follow her out of the house and down the dock.

At the end of the dock, drop the fish from the suitcase into the water. It will turn into a submarine that will transport you to the other island.

Enter the sub with the lady. Use the turnkey on the hole that you face at the bottom of the ladder. Click on it several times to wind.

Look at the screen opposite the turnkey. Throughout your journey a code will appear here, Take note of the two numbers and the symbol that appears in the third blank. The symbol doesn’t appear until later in the trip so keep checking. See the spoiler regarding how to work the dial to learn what to do with the code.

Follow the lady out of the sub and up the stairs.

Anonymous said...

first take a red candy from the top shelf youll need it later

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough once you get to the other island:

1. Follow the lady up the stairs to the door. Use the rectangular punch card you picked up at the first house. The holes correspond to dots on the door. Click on the dots on the door so that the pattern of holes from the card is NOT lit up/clicked on/whatever. There should only be about four dots clicked on. The door opens automatically and you go upstairs.

2. You need the key. It’s in the well under the frog fountain thing, but you can’t get it out yet.

3. Once the lady sits on the bench, give her the red candy from the first house. She’ll give it to a squirrel in exchange for an acorn, which she’ll give you.

4. Take the acorn to the tree near the well, with the squirrel in a hole. Give the acorn to the squirrel and he’ll drop the yellow glowing piece.

5. Now turn to the right a few times til you see the brick wall with handles on it. Click the handles and the panel will be removed, revealing a dial with a missing centerpiece. Take the flower dial with numbers on the petals, and place it on the dial.

Place the yellow piece from the squirrel in the center of the whole thing.
code from the ship is supposed to help you align the dial correctly,

The symbols on the dial correspond to the numbered petals on the paper you have. So with the code from the ship (69 with the symbol that looked like 2 wavy lines), the first number corresponds to the symbol that should appear in the outer ring. The second number corresponds to the symbol you should line up in the inner ring. And then it gives you a symbol in the third space of the code - which number does that correspond to? That’s the petal that should be aligned upward. The code changes every time you play. After you align the dial, the fountain will dry up so you can get the key. Give it to the lady and she can finally go home! You win!

Anonymous said...

so cool!


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