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December 15, 2022

one button bounce [browser]

Use just one button to bounce to the exit of each level in the latest puzzle platformer by Robert Alvarez: One Button Bounce.


メグ said...

Wow! This one gets really hard about halfway through. Dang those spikes!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad game, but it doesn't seem to register the key presses for jumps as quickly as it should. Seems I've pressed the jump key several times but the jump is delayed.

Anonymous said...

It is just timing, timing, timing, but different timing now.

Anonymous said...

Really cool through, how do I pass level 12? I'm attempting not to hit the spikes down below.

Lighty said...

Slightly frustrating, but not too hard in the end. A couple of levels that I think I fluked, but that's the way with these things.

@Anonymous - for level 12 you should have time to activate the spikes then jump on the right hand box and jump up the wall to keep yourself away. I found that even if I missed getting to the top right platform, the spikes would have disappeared by that time so wouldn't die.

you will need to bump each box one time away from each wall to make this work though.

Anonymous said...

Level 21 is h***.

Markus said...

I like one button games, but here the physics are not really precise


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