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December 11, 2022

soulkoban [browser]

Try to collect all 10 medallions by solving box pushing puzzles in order to leave the depths and recover your soul in Soulkoban by Carson Kompon.


Anonymous said...

Stuck on the last room. Any hints?

Euan said...

The room with the skeleton?

(using try to Pyrne gur ebbz

Euan said...

I don't know what to do after that - I've got 6 medallions, need to find 3 more.

Bill said...

The sokoban puzzles are easy. Then you get hit with "figure out the random thing the programmer wants you to do, otherwise wander aimlessly."

Cute, but not my thing.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate you can block yourself from the room's reset button with no way to reset the room.

Beebnock said...

bro how do you do the skeleton puzzle

Anonymous said...

Last puzzle was just dumb.

Urban Garlic said...

So there's a room down and to the right of the maze that has five "X" markers in the upper-right corner, Feels like it should be some kind of easter-egg or something? But you can escape without doing anything special with those, as far as I can tell.

Anybody figure it out?

Anonymous said...

Some are rewarded for finding 5 places in an area.
I ended up just stepping everywhere.
I think the X was a red herring.
Not a fan of the last "not puzzle".

TiCKed said...

1) To find randomly placed medallions, walk EVERYWHERE.
2) I thought the X's were a clue to the last room? But there are 5 X's, and only 4 blocks. So I placed them in the upper right corner, leaving out the lower left most, and it opened the last room. if someone solved that room another way, I'd be interested.....
(I don't do the rot13 thing....if you don't want spoilers, don't read the comments. ;)

Stage name said...

Enjoyed it but had to play it a few times to figure out how it worked.
1. A medallion will glow brighter as you near it. No need to sweep an entire room.
2. You must find 5 blue squares in a room to get a medallion. If you find, say, only 4 blue squares, you know you're missing one.
I was convinced the room with the X in the top corner had to be something. But there's no way to move blocks into that room. Wasted a lot of time looking for secret doors, especially after that one character passes through the wall. Evidently another red herring.

Anonymous said...

It is very unfortunate that if I push a box out of the room, it stays there after resetting a puzzle. For a long time I thought it is intentional and I have to do something with it, but it is more like a bug and it can make impossible to finish the game. Also, if I collect 9 medals before entering the last room, I miss a part of the story, because the older guy doesn't appear at all. I also didn't like the red herring with the 5 Xs. Figuring out the fact that I need to collect five blue boxes was also way too hard and took too much time. There are so many unfunctional talkative animals and guys, they should give more hints about what to try and what not to try instead of being useless or ghosting through the wall, that would make this nice little game a lot more enjoyable.


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