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October 17, 2022

boo! update [news]

Get ready from some exciting bontegames news! It's almost Halloween so I have prepared a big update to my puzzle game Boo! for you!
The game has been out on mobile for a while now, but this update is big!
So what's new?
-The number of levels has doubled, there are now 42 levels
-There's a new attribute appearing from level 22
-And if you complete all the levels you unlock the brand new daily puzzle mode
The mobile game is still free, with a one time in-app purchase to remove the ads. So what are you waiting for? Get to the Apple App store or the Google Play store to download this free update today!

And there's more news: today is also the day I'm releasing the puzzle game on pc! So you can now play the game on the big screen for a small price. Get the Boo! pc version from today on Steam or Itchio.


Niki said...

Fantastic! I need moooorrre!

Anonymous said...

Boo! We love you!

Sepia said...

My favorite game of all time!! More levels please :)!!

Anonymous said...

Daily Factory Balls levels? This is a childhood dream come true! Thank you so much, Bart Bonte!

Anonymous said...

Ugh!!! I got so good at the concept up to 22, I was flying through them. Then the new feature was added and I struggled my way through the first several levels without really understanding it and before I knew it, it was too hard because I didn’t really have a grasp of the concept. Have to go back to the introduction of the new piece and practice a bunch until I can wrap my head around it.
Great addition Bart!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bart, I love your games and this is one of my favorites. Thank you for creating them. When I open the daily puzzle, it’s always the same puzzle. I’m on an iPad IOS 15.7.

Bart said...

@Anonymous The daily puzzle changes each day, so when the date changes on your ipad there should be a new puzzle (the puzzle that day is the same for everyone). Are you seeing the same puzzle on a new day?

Anonymous said...

Hi, again a great game as "usual" by you. Because I don't like ads and want to support you, I immediately took the in-app purchase.
There is one feature I miss or haven't found yet: an UNDO-function.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Love the game but would rather play on my laptop. I like the big screen.


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