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December 14, 2022

elfy batteries [browser]

Roll the batteries into their slots to light up the tree in Elfy Batteries, a single-screen puzzlescript puzzler made by pap4qLXXLevb for the Confounding Calendar. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart)


Anonymous said...

Well it is beyond me how to get the top lit up.

Andy said...

There are two horizontal batteries; one needs to go at the top, the other just to the right of the third vertical battery. As near as I can tell, the order needs to be lower horizontal, then upper vertical, and the last two after that in some order.

All okay so far? Fine. My problem, which I CANNOT get past, is how to position the first horizontal battery without rolling the second one into a corner.

Stage name said...

Elf Help . . . Rolling one battery into another will bump it, like a billiard shot. Then it's a case of rolling 'em down to the bottom level and back up to get them in proper position. Good luck and Merry Xmas.

Anonymous said...

When you hit the batteries on the long edge you don't move - so you can push them directly from the long side when they are on top of pits

Andy said...

Aha...! I hadn't noticed that rolling a battery doesn't move you like pushing on the end does -- "I saw it, but didn't remember". That was what I needed. Thanks, Anon!

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on the two horizontal batteries on the second level? I'm clearly missing something.

Anonymous said...

May help some folks: POSSIBLE SPOILER

if a battery is sitting on top of a hole, it can still be pushed without falling into the hole.

Anonymous said...

Once you get the lowest horizontal battery into the middle section, move it one space to the right.

Anonymous said...

focus on placing one above the door instead of the trapping corner.

Smowler said...

That was great little Christmas treat! Thanks everyone for the hints.

Hespetr3 said...

It took a few tries, but it was doable! Fun little game.

Long Peter said...

Fun little Xmas threat


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