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June 23, 2021

wrenchform [browser]

Get your people to the exit using unconventional means in the puzzle game Wrenchform created for the 'unconventional means' themed MashUp Game Jam 2 by Chase of Bass.


Anonymous said...

The classic 1990s puzzle game Lemmings has been rebuilt.
All very easy levels, and useless scoring.
The score is almost always 0 or 3 stars.
Since you can't change things while it is running.
The cannons level gives you 2 of 3 stars for hitting play!
I will give you karma points for spending less on each level.
For example save all 25 guys on #13 using 1 item.

Anonymous said...

Bad controls: asking me to drag items from A to B to place them, but then not letting me drag from B to C...instead, only rotating it. This is especially annoying in a game like this when you're required to tweak locations through trial-and-error. Instead, you have to delete what's already placed, and then drag a new item in.

Janky physics:
- In a number of levels, it's easy to create a situation where some guys get killed while others don't, even though they're running the exact same obstacle course.

- I've got situations where a fan won't push people up enough to clear a ledge the first time it's crossed, but it will the second time, which means that they're moving slower the second time around, but there's no apparent reason why they would be.

- Exact same few obstacles and tools for *every* level. There's no variety to any of it. And for the most part, the levels are totally straightforward...the same ideas are recycled throughout.

- And like the previous commenter hinted at, why even have 25 guys? There might as well just be 1 since they're all doing the same thing. Any sort of score should be based on how little you spent on placing items for that matter.


TL;DR: Skip this one.

collie said...

I am kinda enjoying this one, but I hate the way it doesn't save your progress. I am the only one experienceing this from reset to reset? anoying

Anonymous said...

Collie: Agreed. I know its a JAM game, but I wish they would put some saves on some of these things. Sometimes you have to close it out for some reason. Otherwise, its a good lunch break game.

Urban Garlic said...

So off the top, this is fun.

But I also had issues with it not saving my progress, and the levels mostly feel a bit loose, like the resource constraints aren't really all that limiting? The later levels are more fiddly, but I never actually ran out of tools to deploy.

For reference, you can remove a deployed tool by right-clicking on it, which was helpful towards the end.


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