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June 26, 2021

the dungeon keysmith's apprentice [browser]

Play as a smith's apprentice who must repair the single-use keys that plague modern dungeon crawlers in the puzzlescript puzzler The Dungeon Keysmith's Apprentice by James Orendorff. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

First just let me say I love this story.
However I am always stumped by puzzlescript.

Anonymous said...

The story does not match the game though.
Every time I make a key I use it right away.
That should break the key.

Bill said...

OK I'm doing something wrong. Stuck on an early level, with two key stubs, and a door with a "ring" pattern. I see that the first key part has the wrong shape, so I stall a bit to avoid getting attached to it...but then can't figure out how to both attach to the proper key part and get it into the door. The blocks are always in the way. Am I missing something obvious here? It seems a simple sokoban-like puzzle and I'm usually decently good at them.

Anonymous said...

Just move the last bit closer to the door.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So I made it to day 2 finally.
I made a 🗝, used it, & it broke!
That never happened on day 1.
Did anyone ever break a 🗝 on day 1?

Anonymous said...

Fun game. Surprised I beat it.

Anonymous said...

oh man that sorting level is so long.

Urban Garlic said...

So keys are apparently broken up when you use them in the red locks, but when you use them in the orange/yellow locks, they stay intact. This becomes evident in the later levels.

This is another case where saving progress was crucial, I bailed out of this a couple of times only to come back and finish it.

Towards the end, the sokoban part of the puzzles becomes almost irrelevant -- for the last few levels, my first task was to just shove all the crates off the board, greatly simplifying the key part of the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

@Bill If it is the same level then I got stuck on this one too. It took me ages to solve it and when I did I realised it was pretty simple.
Hint: push the bottom key part up first then push it down all the way to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

This first level with the holes... how can you get to the key fast enough to make the connections??

Anonymous said...

@Anon 03:57: it's not about speed, it's about length!

I loved this game, hope it was longer! Developer says more levels and mechanics could be developed later, I'd be glad!


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