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June 03, 2021

king for a knight [browser]

You're the last of the great knights but you fell into a trap. Get the key and reach the exit in each level of the chess themed puzzler King for a Knight by Chase of Bass.


Euan said...

Not hard, but a nice lunchtime diversion. Polished and well designed, especially considering it was for a game jam.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully some pieces are not smart.
Some don't even move.
It can get hard when 2 pieces are moving.
I was fooled by the enemy preview one time.
The piece just moved after the other one.

Anonymous said...

WARNING: It doesn't save your progress!

Anonymous said...

why you slamming the pieces on the table... :(

Nat the Chicken said...

This definitely has more style than the knight puzzler that made it onto your top ten list last year... but it's a little less polished than it looks, because I'm softlocked. I moved off of a crate, the crate sank, and now I have no moves and the reset button doesn't appear to work. The R key doesn't do anything either... I let him know, apparently someone else found a similar problem which he says he fixed. Just look out for that!

Anonymous said...

Reached the end....So dramatic!!!

DraconX5 said...

Tip for people who are stuck on the last level: you don't have to take the bishop.

shokoshu said...

Same encounter as Nat the Chicken from here. Can't say if it got repaired, since next time I got wiser and made two tempo moves to get the crate back up. First instance of a knight tempo manouvre ever :-)

Anonymous said...

I crowned my knight :-)


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