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June 14, 2021

edge case [browser]

Mind and use the edges to reach the exit in each level of the puzzle game Edge Case created by Stuffed Wombat and Brodux for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021.


Arlyo2 said...

First off, to start the game press the code displayed.
Notice how the wrong arrow is cleared twice.
Good thing it is not really a code.
Then run around in circles till the level lets you proceed.
Presumably standing on the pad ends the level.
Although how many attachments, angles, or lengths is not clear.
Many times I was sure I had it but no ❤ from the exit.

Anonymous said...

if the exit is lit up, then your number of connections is correct. maybe they couldve added a little number to the sprite, but i found it pretty intuitive

Sir Light said...

Criminally few levels! Amazing game


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