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June 24, 2021

maze of the mini-taur [browser]

Make your way through the labyrinth while you move and manipulate its very rooms in the puzzle platformer Maze of the Mini-taur by Zachary Richman and team, another creation for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021.


Montana said...

Fun little game. The controls and soundtrack are great. Does anyone know if level 17 ("THE END") has an easter egg??

Anonymous said...

Made it all the way to the last level and when I died it restarted. Known issue, but after it happened twice I didn't care much about finishing the game any more.

Phrennch said...

This game was fun, but it seemed too easy for me.

Anonymous said...

On the end level just rotate the bottom.
Now it cheers me on, as I am "The Den".
They missed out on creating a den level.

Yu said...

I really like this kind of games ^^

Sir Light said...

Reminds me of an old flash game called Continuity, where the similar premise of moving room around was realised via a sliding mechanic similar to fifteen


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