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May 05, 2017

the flip lands [browser]

Bring harmony to the world by arranging tiles in the puzzler the flip lands by SalamiChild created for Ludum Dare 38. In each level you have to make sure there's an equal amount of the three environment tiles by flipping them correctly.


Xexus said...

Fill in patterns to all you see, then divide evenly by three.

Anonymous said...

Levels are not numbered, so I don't know how far I got.
To make this fun try imposing rules or show fastest win.
For example: alternate left click & right click.

abi said...

Nice math game.
Is the solution unique for each level to get to the least number of clicks to solve?

Personal opinion: It would be more helpful to have a simple counter for the total number of squares on a level and/or a counter for the number of cells there have been placed.
To quote anonymous 16:07 example: 18 total/ 5 grass, 3 ocean, 10 sand.
Saves time and trouble of counting.

Enjoyed playing very much

Thanks Bart and SalamiChild.

I am rOT a Nobot!


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