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May 11, 2017

mathsweeper [browser]

ZBlip is back with another Minesweeper inspired puzzler. In Mathsweeper each blue covered square either has the number of mines indicated or is safe. Click and hold to flag a mine square. Just click to remove a safe square.


palat said...

Another good exercise for my brains! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Simple concept, actually quite challenging. Like it!

eightoclock said...

Brilliant, just enough challenge to keep me coming back for more.

Anonymous said...

My only complaint is that the "Next Level" prompt is a bit misleading, as the levels appear to be roughly the same difficulty after the tutorial.

Joel said...

At first I thought there wasn't much to this, but turns out to be pretty fun! It's a nice twist on classic Minesweeper.

colinbashbash said...

tooo mannny numbers... can't stop plaaaying... don't want the numbers to get lonely ;) snorez

Unknown said...

there's a reason you right click to place flags in minesweeper. to lose an essentially free level due to poor controls really kills enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

@Bronson Click the options menu in the lower left corner. Select Controls > Right to flag.

Unknown said...

oh dang it, I didn't know I could do that, well now i feel stupid. thank you anonymous

Anonymous said...

There are also lots more levels of Mine of Sight.
I am on 128 & don't see a safe way to resolve the last few.

Anonymous said...

I love minesweeper & mine of sight, but not this.
For some reason I don't get the logic here.
For example: how can a 1 have multiple bombs next to it ?
Either this game is totally broken or the rules are not explained.

Anonymous said...

I also was quite confused with this game.
Don't confuse the "covers" with the real clues underneath.
It took me a bit to notice that the numbers change.
Also like minesweeper there are no set levels.
As it is just randomly generated.
Don't forget to try the negative option too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for suggesting the negative option, as it is broken.
I keep getting clue 0 with no solution.
For example: a 1 flagged & a 3 cover. or 3,-1,2 all covered.
Clearly there is no way to get 0, so the generator is bugged.

Anonymous said...

Oops I guess I was wrong.
You can always get 0 if you remove all covers.

Anonymous said...

Well now I can laugh at my wife, cause she can't do trial & error on this one.


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