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May 30, 2017

tethrees [browser]

Play tetris in three colours on three panels in TEthreeS by Santiago Saris created for the 'good things come in threes' themed Construct 3 game jam.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is devilish :)

Longpeter said...

It's something different then I expected.

I expected that the red stones are not present in the red field.
And that you have to move the other stones in position to make a line.

I think that would have made the game more fun.
Now it is just Tetris seen true 3 different colour filters.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 21:04 : Devilish!
I disagree with 22:21 : I also though it was like you described at first, but i was happy to see it was more clever than that. (Or a totally different game really).
But holy s.. I had to stop to prevent my head exploding after three tries.

The Gordo said...

Simple concept, amazingly devilish! Best adjective for this game!


NarnianLucy said...

Literally the devils work, but very very fun. I thought I got the hang of it then realized i had in fact made a jumble of the blue bits and had to walk away for a bit.

Seriously very fun, though, and a really unique take on a classic game :D

Xexus said...

It's that ol' Janx Spirit drinking game... once you start to lose, you'll continue to lose.

Anonymous said...

My brain hurts :-)

Unknown said...

I feel honored. Being called the devil is probably the highest praise I could think of. Also, loved yellow! Thank you so much!

digigender said...

I love Tetris more than anyone else in the world. This devilish but not as devilish as HaTetris or BasTet :P 4100 is my score on this so far.


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