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May 21, 2017

string theory 2 [browser]

In search of her lost colleagues Eva enters the second dimension. Help her find her way through this weird dimension by manipulating strings in the physics puzzler string theory 2 by TeamSemiColon.


JGo3000 said...

Love this game! A bit hard to play without a mouse, but super fun. Even though the story is kind of hokey, I think I prefer having some kind of story line so that it doesn't just feel like you are playing through level after harder level with nothing driving you forward except completion.

-LIZ- said...

Google Chrome is recommended. Safari doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

It was quite enjoyable overall, although I believe it is worth mentioning that the rubber-band mechanics are not as well-done as the previous game. They feel very stiff and difficult to use, but other than that the game play remains quite enjoyable. I will agree that the story is not as well done as it could be, for example the motivation of Eva is just given to us on a silver platter, there is no build up to it, it is just stated by the characters outright. However, there does seem to be an element of mystery that has been added, which leaves room for a third game. Other than that, the voice acting is fairly decent, and the character interactions are quite enjoyable. In short, I look forward to the next part of this game, and hope that we get to learn a bit more about the characters as well.

Anonymous said...

Good game, chill and puzzly

Anonymous said...

Great game! Personally, I liked it. But judgeing by the BIG cliffhanger, they probably will. I really hope they make a third game.

Anonymous said...

I had to learn not to pull back and release, but to fling as well.
I would like to see more control of the camera.

Unknown said...

Great game imo, but some level are quite hard to solve. So if anyone is stuck somewhere feel free to go through my walkthrough playlist ;)


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