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May 08, 2017

brainstorm 38 [browser]

A platformer created for Ludum Dare 38 about the struggle to make a game for Ludum Dare 38: brainstorm 38 by Géraud Zucchini.


xcalibur212 said...

That was... ok.
I had issues with the graphics when not in full screen(flickering). Also I had to reload the whole thing because the whole screen scrolled suddenly to the upper side.
Minimalistic design. Platform challenge not that hard. Background Music very annoying.
If there will be more levels, then it needs a re-design, otherwise it will get easily boring.

jj said...

Great little platformer, thanks!

Anonymous said...

the intro was taking too long so i just quit

Anonymous said...

It was soooo great I cried!

PK said...

Wow, that was such a boring and long introduction, and then it didn't get much better afterward. Don't recommend.

Joel said...

That was super meta.


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