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March 20, 2010

treasure of big totem

Treasure of big totem is Federico Rutenberg's latest point and click adventure.


Rob said...

First again!!!!

Rob said...

Made it first tot the end of the game. Quite easy, liked it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Third or fourth

Nevermore said...

Fairly easy. A little on the "clunky" side; hard to navigate.

Anonymous said...

walkthrough anyone? all i have done is found a shovel a mirror and a pickaxe

Marie-Odile said...

magnifique, et toute seule comme une grande !

Anonymous said...

Too easy - walkthrough:

First Screen at the Water:
-get axe from boot,
-use axe at stone in right corner,
-move plant with hand in left corner, use axe at stone,

Second Screen:
-get shovel, use it in screen 1 to get mirror form the floor,
-get part of plant in the three above the stone thing,
-get stone from bottom of stone thing,
-use plant part in tree, put mirror at tree,

Third Screen:
-get 4th stone from behind plant in right corner,
-put the 4 parts in the holes, go back to first screen, get 5th part from your left feed, use shovel at ground,
-go to 2nd screen and put flient in hole, get key

Anonymous said...

thank you very much other anonymous person

Anonymous said...

i am still kind of confused at third screen clearer explanation please?

Anonymous said...

After you get and place four symbols (third screen) go back to first screen and pick up fifth symbol. Place it in third screen. Use shovel on highlighted spot. Get lid out of dug hole. Place in hole on stone pillar in second screen. Use key on treasure chest.

madzy said...

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy tooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finish it in minutes. trop facile tres trop facile. oui?

Anonymous said...

i dont understand... wers the 5th symbol?

Anonymous said...

I beat the game and I have to say, that was a real waste of time, and not in a good way either

Anonymous said...

The 5th symbol is by her feet on first screen, it only appears when you have other four.


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