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March 28, 2010

bread girl 2

Here's your Sunday point and click game delivery by Minoto: bread girl 2.


Rob said...

The girl was threatened. It was helped.
To the boy who collides in the alley.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was hoping Bread girl 2 would account for the escaped zoo animals of bread girl 1

hotarumikan said...

it's all i waiting . .

Brownie said...

ok i got a key, a bottle (opened), a bottle opener and a drill, i'm stuck, lol, could anybody help? x

Anonymous said...

ha ha: pin of boring! that's what I think of bowling, too, Minoto!

Peter said...

Use the bottle opener on the planks blockading the house.

Brownie said...

ooooh, ty Peter! didn't think of that! lol, i'm blonde for a reason x

Peter said...

Don't worry, I'm not blonde, not even a girl, and it took me a long time to figure this one out. ;)

NotMarian said...

I'm not feeling too well. I needed some Minoto. Feel better now.

NotMarian said...

Yes, who would ever figure to use a bottle opener to pry the boards off of a door.

NotMarian said...

I wanted the sumo wrestler to fight the demon.

Peter said...

So did I.

Anonymous said...

great hardest minoto game yet

Wookie said...

One of the hardest yet, but still another enjoyable Minoto game.

MarliO said...

I'll take a crack at a walkthrough.

Pick up drill, go right
Pick up bowling pin, go left
Give bowling pin to clown. Pick up clown.
Go right 2 screens
Send clown into burger restaurant. Take bottle from clown.
Go right, pick up bottle opener. Open bottle.
Go left 2 screens. Use bottle opener to remove boards from house. Drill hole in post. Put bottle cap (mushroom seed) in post. Get mushroom.
Go right 2 screens. Put mushroom in arena. Get sumo wrestler.
Go left. Feed soup to sumo wrestler. Get gas canister.
Go left. Attach canister to hose. Get diving suit.
Go right 2 screens. Give suit to bunny. Get lens. Admire/mourn this instance of perfect grammar ("high performance lens...")
Go left to first screen. Give lens to squirrel. Get nut.
Go right 2 screens. Give nut to elephant. Get key.
Go left. Unlock door. Get boy.
Go left. Give boy to girl.

Continue to shake head at Minoto's brief foray into perfect English.

tam said...

This one was all very logical to me: I enjoyed it a lot and I wish Minoto will recover soon.


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