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March 28, 2010

treasure of big totem 2

Federico Rutenberg's point and click adventures continue in treasure of big totem 2.


Rob said...

I like these totem games!

Anonymous said...

So quick! It took me like five minutes!

Brownie said...

how do u get the diamond for the door?

Brownie said...

oh, nvm, got it, lol

Iguanaman said...

I have matches and a lighter and a torch. The matches are too wet and I have the four pieces in the door. I am stuck

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the diamond for the door. I wish Brownie had told us the answer instead of using this forum selfishly only for himself and saying only he should be allowed to know the answer. Or at least not said "nevermind" so someone else would have posted the answer.

Anonymous said...

Polly exchanges the diamond for the cracker. The cracker is in a pocket.

candy said...

and how do i open the pockets??

Fitz said...

That is irritating.

Why should it matter if you select the torch or the lighter first to combine them??

Glitches like that make for very annoying gameplay.

Anonymous said...

Totem's arm opens door.

madzy said...

Nobody said it so I will I finish first!

Rob said...

Congratulations, Madzy...
Maybe we can stop that silly 'First' competition...

Anonymous said...

I got matches, a lighter, cloth and a stick, & I'm completely stuck. help?

ruuster said...


You stand off on the beach, there are 3 objects to pick up here, and one to note:
1) Matches on the treasure chest
2) Cracker in the man's pocket
3) Lighter behind one of the sacks in the boat (not beneath)
4) Shifting the sacks on the beach, you find a patch of cloth. Clicking on it will tell you you need a sharp thing to cut it.

Moving inland (to the left)there is a door with 4 sigils greyed out, with other stuff scattered around. We have things to pick up, and a bird to entertain,
5) Plank of wood on the far-left
6) Spearhead from the spear on the left (you need to click on the head)
7) Pillar Sigil for door, just above the arrowhead (looks like '][')
8) Button Sigil sitting on rocks above the door
9) Pentagon Sigil on the monkey-statue's head
10) Talk to the parrot, and then hand it the cracker you got from the old man's pocket. You will recieve the final sigil.
11) Place the sigils in place.
12) Pull the monkey arm to open the door.

The cave is too dark to enter, so first we must construct a torch. You have all the ingredients bar one. Remember the sacks on the beach?
13) Return to the beach
14) Use the spearhead to cut the patch off the sack
15)Combine the patch with the plank of wood
16) Use the lighter with the torch you've made

One torch, now we can investigate the cave.
17) Return inland, and enter the cave.

Pots! And a treasure chest, but we can't open it. Maybe there's something inside we can find to help? There are 2 objects to pick up here, and a third hidden and you don't need to leave the cave.
18) Click on the pots to the far left, one should move.
19) Click on the water to reveal a clue; there's something metallic.
20) Direcly beneath your feet you should find a magnet (you're obviously not the first explorer to come here)
21) On the right there's a bunch of rope hanging on one of the cave walls, one bit you can take.
22) Combine the rope and magnet
23) Use the rope+magnet to go fishing, and get... a key!
24) Use the key on the treasure chest to open it.

The end.

Unknown said...

ruuster you say :
16) Use the lighter with the torch you've made

but when I do it I receive this message : the matches are wet.
So ... what can I do to dry the matches ?


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