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March 08, 2010

just graduation 2

It's time for your weekly Minoto fix, so enjoy just graduation 2.


Peter said...

Crazy as ever; solved it days ago already, by the way.


Alison said...

Yay...I graduated!

Anonymous said...


Riiick said...

Thank you the 100th game!

Ternheim said...

cute as always!! don't eat the apple!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Minoto. Good luck with the next 100 games :-)

NotMarian said...

Whew!! I thought something happened to you, Bart.

I will always wait for Minoto at your place!

NotMarian said...

It is dirty, and doesn't
understand what it is.

That was just about the weirdest Minoto ever!! I loved it.

Anonymous said...

How hot does it have to be that you'd want to take off your fig leaf?

Zenrage said...

That made no sense whatsoever.

Even for Minoto

Anonymous said...

where has u been! there hasnt been any games here lately

Bart said...

No worries :) All is fine with me!

GABBY said...

This is my favorite out of all the Minoto games!!!

Anonymous said...


pie is awsome! said...


Anonymous said...

Take a walkthrough with me...

1. pick up frying pan

2. put pan on top of cage

3. give pan to monkey

4. pick up star

5. give star to dog with mustache

6. pick up vacuum

7. vacuum apple out of snake

8. give apple to adam and eve

9. put apple core in dish on table

10. pick up lumpy grey thing

11. give lumpy grey thing to racoon

12. open cage

13. put sun in sky

14. pick up leaves

15. give leave to tengu

16. pick up package

17. get crab to open package

18. pick up item from package

19. get screen

20. take screen to auditorium

Anonymous said...

It is an apple that has failed though tried to be swallowed by the snake.

Anonymous said...

100 minoto games.... geez, time does fly. Oh and 18th!!!!!!!


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