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March 19, 2010

kaitai dismantlement, alarm clock

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the alarm clock in kaitai dismantlement, alarm clock?


Anonymous said...

first! first!

hotarumikan said...

second! second!

Megan said...

ha ha, alerm clock

MaryCathereen said...

alright already stuck. how do I get the turning cog on the inside to stop with the screws showing??

Nevermore said...

This one seems more difficult then the dismantlement puzzles I've played before. I have only solved one part.
OK, back to it!

Nevermore said...

MaryCathereen, turn on the alarm ((0)). That will stop it from spinning.

Hans De Witte said...

Finished. That was fun!

mrs olaf said...

Walkthrough anyone?

Rob said...

Took me some thinking but it was not very difficult. Ended with a
'time' bomb....
Nice game!

Rob said...

First screw the big screw.

Turn the clock and screw four times, take away the back.
Note the rotating thing with two screws underneath. Turn the clock around.

Set the clock (push the set button) to the time the screws were indicating.

Turn around after every setting and unscrew.
Take away the rotating thing. Zoom out and remove the plate. Then unscrew the big screw in the yellow circle (click the upper left part in the view with the two little holes).

Now here is something new: look on the upside of the clock and see a hint there.

Look at the front and set both the alarm and the time to the time of the hint. You can hear an alarm. Zoom at the top of the clock and unscrew three times.

Look at the back and zoom on the speaker. Remove the speaker. See the hint.

Zoom out and look at the left side of the clock. See the flags with nationalities. It is a hint for a code.

Now look at the upper black cover with the heart on it. Open it. There are color buttons. Set the colors according to the two hints before (solution below).

Now the heart cover below is open. But before you move out, click on the upper right side in this view and there is another screw in a yellow circle. Unsrew.

Under the heart cover, you see seven rows with four buttons underneath. Well, the week has seven days, and there are the weekdays on the front. So try the weekdays on the front and look at the dots in the upper left corner.
Set the buttons according to the dots in the front (solution below). Unscrew two screws. Remove the thing and unscrew another screw. Click on the lower right side and another screw in a yellow circle.

Now the apparatus to the left is open. Open the cover and see that you need a 4 letter code. Open the other cover below and remove the battery. Then turn around the clock and see that the display doesn’t work properly. It shows a hint (solution below). Turn around and type in the letters. Another screw! Remove the thing and another screw.

Click on the lower left side, and another screw in a yellow circle.

Now all four screws are off, so remove the green board by clicking on the red triangle in the lower right corner. Now it’s bomb time!

Click on the white rectangle, and there it is, the ugly fellow, counting down merciless. But stopping it is easy. Solve the equations and it is over. If you choose to unscrew without solving the equation, your life is over… ;-) Solution for the equations below.

Click on the timer and unscrew. Remove the bomb. Unscrew again, and you are ready!


Rob said...

Rotating thing: Set the time to 9 o clock and to 15 o clock. The rotating thing stops at that position and you can unscrew.

Color code (flag code):
The colors in the flags correspond to the letters, i.e. ‘T’ in ITA stands for ‘white’, so set every button on the drawing under the speaker with a t to white. It should look like this afterwards:

Weekday code:
Sun 4
Mon 2
Tue 1
Wed 2
Thu 3
Fr 1
Sa 4
It should look like this:

Letter code: It is a negative code hint. Look what parts of the display don’t work. Those parts form the letters EHLP.

Bomb equations: Think time! 7+8=15=3 o clock
20-2=18=6 o clock

mrs olaf said...

Thanks Rob, you're a star!

Anonymous said...

im usually good at point and click games but theese leave me clueless thank you for the walkthrough

Thijs said...

Even with the walkthrough I had a lot of trouble finding the flags. The puzzles are good, but it's a shame it's a bit of a pixel hunt at some points.

Talan said...

Great game! Odd that several are saying it's more difficult than others; it's the first one I've been able to complete without a walkthrough!

Go figure!

Unknown said...

cool 0 explosion


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