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March 11, 2010

ponpon house 3 - komorebi

Ponpon house 3 - komorebi is a new episode in the cute escape the room game series by Orange Biscuit. Happy escaping!


EnidW said...


Anonymous said...


Fitz said...

Not sure they could make a more impossible game.

Clueless. I accomplished nothing.

Coffeeteamix said...

I knocked over the bird in the cage to reveal an egg............. and then I decided I should probably go finish my homework first O_O

Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about cryptic. Really?! Are they serious? I got as far as knocking over the bird and solving the hand-holding puzzle thing, but I'm giving-up now. I'm looking to have fun, not get into Mensa! =)

Nevermore said...

Love the style of these games.

I can't solve the trap door puzzle. I've gotten the drawer with the numbered clues open but just can't figure the buttons.

Peter said...

The colors on the egg are the code for opening the door. go all the way up, look at how far the bottle is filled, set that value (approx) at the other control at the top, do the obvious, go down again, guide the ball to the correct flower to open the door.

Nevermore said...

OK. I got it. It was the placement of the 90* mark. The protractor had me confused.
I'm done. Fun game. I like the difficult ones!

Victoria said...

I don't have a clue if I've accomplished anything or not! Very strange game.

Thijs said...
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Victoria said...

Is getting out the door the objective? It seems there is more to the game, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Carly said...

OK, I've figured out the holding-hands-puzzle, but that's about it. And I don't even know what it did once I finished it. Very frustrating and no fun at all :(

Meg said...

i cant get the stupid pool full of water i got the bean things set bur the wheels are confusing

thesmothete said...

Woot! Solved it without a walkthrough, but was a bit lucky. Nice game.

The goal is not to escape, but to provide the girl something better to do than sleep.

The moving ladybug will help you figure out how to do the wheel mechanism.

Most times when you solve a puzzle, it will just go inactive, but you will have triggered some other location to be unlocked.

Anonymous said...

Unlatch the birdcage and note the color of the egg inside.

Go up the stairs and click on the sweating pig in the second stairway wall display case.

Go to the next stairway display case and put the miniature table upright.

Open the floor compartment on the stairway. Click on three dots at angles 0°, 120°, and 240°.

Go upstairs and click the people holding hands in this order: BDECF.

Find the glass flowerpot next to the strawberry house and enter 156. Click on the sprout next to the strawberry house.

Go downstairs and through the double-doors. Find and open the closet with the green handle.

Go to the flower pots and choose the flower matching the birdcage egg color.

Go outside and left. Click and move fence boards to get through.

Turn around and go into the brick shed. Go up on the roof and through the gate.

Go around and click on small bright loop on the side of the bricks. Click on the ornament on top of the glass roof.

Find and open the rusty compartment in the grass. Arrange the shapes and color them yellow, blue, and bright pink. Press the button to turn them all green.

Find and open the compartment with handles in the brick wall, and rotate the valves with the pink knobs:
top left: south-east
top right: north
middle left: south-west
middle right: north-east
bottom left: south-west
bottom right: south
Press the blue button.

Go all the way around to the other side and climb the stepladder, and click on the cartoon pig.

Go back inside.

After the white character goes outside to the pool, click on the character and your choice of pool toys.

Congratulations you clever demon!

Meg said...


Anonymous said...

So does that mean the dresser puzzle and the apples/lollies/oranges are pointless?

And what is the reasoning behind how you solve the floor compartment puzzle?

Anonymous said...

No, not pointless.

The items in the jars correspond to the items in the vanity drawer(opened by pulling out the vanity chair, and entering the code that shows up on the living room table(after the miniature table in the stairway display case is knocked over)), and the numbers on the backs of the items in the vanity drawer correspond to the angles in the stairway floor puzzle, which unlocks the green-handled closet door.

The number for the glass flower pot is found on the milk container by the phone, which must be turned and zoomed in on.

The colored shapes under the cat correspond to the faces of the green bean pillows on the couch(shown in the book), which correspond to the bean shapes in the rusty compartment in the grass.

The gate on the roof is unlocked by solving the people holding hands puzzle, as shown in the book.

The positions of the valve knobs correspond to the symbols on the living room floor; all visible from the stairway when the miniature table in the stairway display case is turned on its side.

Anonymous said...

Ah thank you. I know what I was doing wrong now - I was pressing the green instead of white buttons!

And thanks to Bart Bonte for posting these great games.

Jade Green said...

Ending Spoiler

I think there might be an alternative ending. I had finished the puzzle that filled the pool, but then I had to go inside the room with the flowers and the bunny and click on the cupboard door with the green handle that wouldn't open before. Then the white character walked downstairs...

3 door wardrobe said...

Love the style of these games.

display cabinet said...

absolutely love them


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