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February 22, 2009

sagragrio's room

At first sight there's only a chair blocking the door, but can you escape sagragrio's room?


Anonymous said...

Key behind suitcase seems like it should open it but it doesn't....

Anonymous said...

first... this is hard :s

Anonymous said...

No, it opens something else, which you really have to pixel hunt to find.

I mean, I looked at a spoiler that told me what side of what object to click, and it still took me about five minutes to get it.

Anonymous said...

Beware, looks like there's a sound-only clue here -- not that I know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Wow this game is hard WITH spoilers.

I hope there isn't a "true end."

Anonymous said...

there's a loose floor board in the right hand corner of brief case screen, if you press one end it lifts up but cant keep it open to retrieve any thing? Anyone managed?

Anonymous said...

You have to do a bunch of other stuff before you can get at the floorboard.

Specifically [SPOILERISH]

you'll need something to hold down one end of it, and then there's something tying it to the floor which you'll need to sever.

Anonymous said...

A few more hints for things that I found pretty tough, not to say arbitrary.

The active spot on the Leonardo painting is the bottom left corner.

There's one thing that's arranged like a piano keyboard (CDEFGAB) instead of in more alphabetical order.

There's another thing, which you won't encounter until very late, which is arranged like a chessboard (row a is at the bottom). Believe me, I didn't just give away the answer to that puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Ok the color thing is pissing me off any hints you can give me?

Anonymous said...

where can I find a walk through, any exists?

Anonymous said...

You mean the one on the lefthand panel with the seven lights?

There's one hint already -- another hint is that you only have to turn on some of the lights.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I got the key now I just have to open the box, right panel, floor board and the four holes. -.-'

Anonymous said...

I can start one...

This derives entirely from hints posted at freegamesnews, but they haven't assembled a walkthrough yet.

Zoom in on suitcase.

Click to right of suitcase. Get key from behind suitcase.

Zoom back out. Turn right (I think). Zoom in on Leonardo drawing. (If it's not right, click around till you get to the Leonardo drawing.)

Click on bottom left corner. Take battery (little round thing taped to painting.) Use key on keyhole. Turn key; painting lifts up to reveal a safe.

Take key that has been revealed. Open suitcase with it (click both locks then the lid of the suitcase.) Get envelope, laser light, Swiss army knife, and cube. Note the four colored squares with letters A-G.

Get some more stuff from around the room: Zoom in on the chair, click to the right. You should see another little battery on the ledge next to the door. Take it.

Go back to the chair view and click to the left. You can get a note from the bottom of the chair. Examine it: It's not easy to understand, but it means "Hold the button for ten seconds."

Go to the wall that looks blank. There are actually two panels outlined on it with buttons that you can zoom in on. You can just press the left one and it'll open. The right one you have to hold for ten seconds. Get the corked test tube from the left one and the gold bar from the right one. (I think you may not be able to open the right one if you haven't looked at the note from under the chair.)

Now, remember the colored squares in the suitcase? This is the code for the puzzle in the left panel. The lights are arranged like a piano keyboard: CDEFGAB. (This was really obnoxious in my opinion.) You have four letters; turn those four lights the appropriate color. This gets you a little key (which will eventually go in the locked thing in the suitcase, but you need three keys for that, so don't bother now.)

For the knife, you'll be switching its blades a lot. Go to the outlet in the wall under the two panels. Pry it off with the knife blade and unscrew the screws with the screwdriver. This gets you a third battery. Now you can load up the laser pointer you got from the suitcase. Point it at a dark background and you can see a safe combination with an XX in it. But where to get the XX?

To be continued, maybe.

Anonymous said...

what do you do with the white machine that makes noise?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if you don't want to read the whole walkthrough, what the note under the chair is saying is

"Hold the button for 10 seconds to open the right panel."

Anonymous said...

The white machine: That's tough to explain. Basically, if you can get the slots in the right positions you can hit the "open" button to open it. To tell what the right positions are, you have to listen to the sounds it makes when you move them around.

Anonymous said...

thanks matt!! some progress with your help! :-) The puzzle in the panel on the right is driving me nuts now...
and the sound thingie too, so far I came up with only a few pattern of the sound...

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough continued:

Remember the corked test tube? You have a corkscrew blade on your swiss army knife. use it to draw the cork. The paper inside tells you what XX means. Now you can open the safe behind the painting.

Get the socket wrench and the annoying white thingy.

In a refreshingly straightforward way, you can use the socket wrench to take the bolts out of the feet of the chair. (You have to be in the left and right views.) Move the chair aside. The white thingy... well, when you press the "play" button you hear five high tones. Your goal is to move the sliders around until you hear five even higher tones. Then you can hit the "open" button and it opens. (I think you have to do this by trial and error.) Oh, and the number of higher tones just tells you how many sliders you have right -- it doesn't tell you which ones they are. So only work on one slider at a time.

When you have five higher tones, hit the "open" button. Take the paper, which gives you four codes and then four more that are crossed out. (The shapes that cross them out aren't important.) Use the knife blade to cut the speaker. It's hard to tell at first, but a little round thingy just wound up in your inventory. It's a magnet.

Now, follow the instructions on the inside right of the white thingy: attach the magnet to the socket wrench. Dip the socket wrench into the holes that the chair was bolted into. You get four batteries. Now you never have to deal with the white thingy again. Hooray!

to be continued.

Anonymous said...

The puzzle on the right is pretty annoying -- you have to have some other stuff before you can solve it. You've probably figured out that it has something to do with the cube, but what?

This is a HAAARD game -- as I said, I couldn't have done it without reading the thread at freegamesnews, and I barely could do it with reading the thread.

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough continued:

The loose board: Go to the room view with the suitcase. Click in the right-hand corner of the room. In the very corner there's a loose board that you can't pry up.

Hold down one side of the board with the gold brick. Cut the string on the other side with the knife. Take the gold brick back and lift the board. You get a black light. Put the batteries in it.

Now you can shine the black light all sorts of places. Dark places especially. Shine it in the gap left by the board, in the gap left by the outlet, and in the open safe. You get clues that should remind you of the "Good luck!" message that was in the yellow envelope. (You did look in the yellow envelope, didn't you? Even though I didn't say so at the time? Good.) You only get three clues, though. For the fourth, shine the light on the gold bar. Whatever.

Also, shine the black light on the cube. It shows a dice pattern. This is the key to the right-hand puzzle. Go to the right-hand puzzle, press space six times, and the little lights above will light up different colors -- and you'll also get a raspberry. You have to press the square buttons in a pattern that matches the matching color on the side of the cube. (That is, if red is the one pattern, and red is the first light that lights up, you have to hit the center square and then the space bar; and so on for the other colors.) I think that it doesn't matter which way the two, three, and six go, but I'm not sure; if you aren't getting it open, try putting them in the other way. (There's only one way for one, four and five.) Now you have two little keys.

But where's the third little key? Go back to the room view with the suitcase. Shine the black light on the wall above the suitcase. What? Oh, they did not... yes, there's a third hidden panel. Zoom in on it and open it with the button.

A chessboard pattern! The squares are designated as in chess notation: The columns are 1 to 4, left to right, the rows are a to d, BOTTOM TO TOP. Enter in the four codes from the paper from the white thingy and the four codes you discovered with the black light. It doesn't work.

Now shine the black light on the "Good luck" message from inside the yellow envelop. See the criss-crossy pattern? You actually have to connect G with D, L with K, etc. That gives you four different squares. Enter those in and the third key is accessible.

Now go back to the suitcase. You can use the three keys in the three locks. Inside is a door handle (if I'm remembering correctly, I'm not actually doing this part right now). Get the door handle, put it in the door. Open the door and you're out!

The bolts showed up in your inventory but you never used them. I really hope this doesn't mean there's an alternate ending.

Again, thanks to the posters at freegamesnews, who basically did all the work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks again matt, finally got out!!
at the end I struggled again (despite of all your help) that I was turning the chess board lights on only 4 codes found by the black light & completely forgot about the ones on the paper. duh. lol.
Good thing that this game had great art work that fascinated me, without that and your help I wouldn't have continued until the end... :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to help, Y! Like I said, just passing along other people's hints -- and I didn't find it easy even with the walkthrough either.

And yeah, the art is impressive -- the way the minimal room opens to unfold so much stuff. But it is HARD.

Anonymous said...

CR*P!! I accidentally clicked on the ad next to the game and had to start all over!!

Cool game, but very tough. I've used two or three clues that others have given. Some things I've found on my own! :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! The game let me continue.

But, I'm having a really hard time with the chess board. No matter what I do, it won't open.

And I can't figure out which buttons to push in what sequence on the panel on the right.

Anonymous said...

OK. The chess board goes ABCD across the columns, left to right.
The numbers, 1234, go up the rows from bottom to top.

Anonymous said...

Dice - numbers are represented by dots that are arranged in spaces of a 3 x 3 grid. Nine buttons on keypad.
Example: blue is one on die, one on die is the center button.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I messed up the chessboard in my walkthrough. Sorry NotMarian, you're right there.

What I should've said is that it works like algebraic notation on a chessboard, which might not have helped anyone but would've been right.

Anonymous said...

Matt! help me! i cant figure out the right hand puzzle. can you explain in another way? please!

Anonymous said...

OK, let me try...

There's a grid of nine buttons and a long button underneath it. The long bar is basically "enter."

You're going to enter six patterns. You need to enter them in an order that corresponds to the teeny lights that are above the grid. But you don't know what the color is yet. So the first thing you should do is press "enter" six times. That'll give you a raspberry, but it'll also light up the teeny lights with the right colors.

Now what you have to do is enter the patterns in from the dice with the corresponding colors.

So let's say the teeny lights are in the order red, light blue, green, dark blue, yellow, and purple. And let's say the pattern you get from the cube is that light blue is 1, dark blue is 2, yellow is 3, green is 4, purple is 5, and red is 6. Then you'd enter in the six pattern (i.e., fill in the top and bottom rows) for red, hit the long key, enter the one pattern (middle button only) for light blue, hit the long key, enter the 4 pattern (four corners) for green, hit the long key, and so on. I don't know whether the patterns that aren't totally symmetric (2, 3, and 6) can be entered in any direction or have to be entered in a specific direction.

Hope that helped!


Anonymous said...

...I think it doesn't matter what direction you put in the 2, 3, and 6.

Anonymous said...

damn it i cant do puzzle on left...have done one on right ...dont get it! Have tried alphabetical, have tried musical order (CDEFGAB) driving me nuts....i worked out order of dark blue, green, light blue and then yellow that right?

Anonymous said...

puzzle on the left is the music scale but the "notes" you light up correspond to the colors of the notes on the business card in the briefcase and the number of the color on the die.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the die isn't related to the puzzle on the left -- you just need to look at the squares in the briefcase. The squares vary from game to game, but if the square with C is red you have to turn the first one red, if the square with A is blue you have to turn the sixth one blue, and so on. You only have to turn on the four keys that correspond to the letters in the briefcase -- leave the other three off.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice you can shine the blacklight on the lefthand panel and it illuminates piano keys as a hint

Anonymous said...

I'm totally confused over the chess board puzzle your explanation didnt help

Anonymous said...

Let me try this again...

so (I messed this up in the walkthrough) the rows and columns are numbered like this:

a b c d

You get the first four squares from the note inside the white thingy. For the other four numbers, you get the codes for "GOOD LUCK" by shining the black light; but instead of using the pairs you have, you pair them up using the connections that you can illuminate on the "good luck" note with the black light, namely:

G paired with D
L paired with K
U paired with O (from "OD")
C paired with O (from "GO")

That should give you four more squares. Light up all eight squares, I don't think the order matters.

Thanks for the tip about shining the light on the piano keys!

Anonymous said...

hurray I did it...thanks for all your help guys...wouldnt have done it was a toughy!

Anonymous said...

This is way, way, WAY too complicated and messy! You can't get the blacklight without completing the left puzzle, but you need the blacklight to get the clue about using the musical notes for the order of the lights!! Without a walkthrough (excellent job Matt, btw) I don't think anyone would ever complete this. I like a challenge, but this was ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...


1. get button cell near bottom door hinge, on molding

2. get key behind briefcase

3. get button cell from bottom left of picture; put key in revealed slot; click to turn

4. get black key near safe; use on briefcase locks; open; get pocketknife

5. on the wall with two panels, press button near left wall-panel; get vial

6. use pocketknife corkscrew to remove cork from vial; read note; remember what XX stands for

7. use pocketknife to remove lower wall socket plate and socket screws; remove socket and get button cell

8. get laser pointer from briefcase; install button cells to reveal safe combination, substituting XX

9. open safe; get socket wrench and tone generator

10. get note hidden underneath seat of chair from the left, revealing how to open the right wall-panel

11. use socket wrench to remove bolts on chair feet; move chair

12. open the tone generator: adjust one slider at a time and press play; when all tones are high, press open

13. take the note; the diagram sticker shows how to retrieve batteries

14. use pocketknife on tone generator speaker to get ring magnet from center

15. put magnet on end of socket wrench handle

16. dip socket wrench handle into holes where the chair was; get four batteries

17. press and hold button near right wall-panel for ten seconds; get gold brick

18. set gold brick on floorboard in corner of room, to the right of the briefcase

19. use pocketknife to cut string under board; remove gold brick and board

20. get UV lamp from under floor; install batteries

21. for the left wall-panel puzzle, use UV to reveal musical keys outlined around buttons

22. set four of the musical keys, ordered CDEFGAB, to the colors indicated in the briefcase

23. get the key and put it in the first keyslot in the briefcase

24. for the right wall-panel puzzle, observe color sequence of lights as large button is pressed

25. remove colored die from briefcase and use UV to reveal dot patterns on colored faces

26. for each face color, enter its dot pattern, followed by the large button to turn on the corresponding light

27. get the key and put it in the second keyslot in the briefcase

28. use UV on wall behind the briefcase to reveal a secret panel

29. approach and press button at lower right to reveal button pad, lettered horizontally and numbered vertically

30. set four buttons corresponding to each letter-number pair in the note from the tone generator

31. get four remaining pairs: happy-face message in envelope from briefcase has four parts: GO, OD, LU, CK

32. use UV to find the letter-number pairs each part represents; gold bar, hole in floor, hole in wall, inside safe

33. use UV on happy-face note to reveal actual connections for the four remaining letter-number pairs

G-o O-D L-U C-K becomes G-D C-o O-U L-K

set remaining four buttons; get key; put key in briefcase; click to get door handle; leave room

if you move the chair, you can't get the note that explains how to open the right wall-panel

after you remove the speaker magnet from the tone generator, the speaker still works

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much matt for the puzzle explanation =D

Anonymous said...

oh, its the 1st time i really enjoy an escape the room game.

but sorry guys, i dont get that piano thing .. any1 could help? :S

Anonymous said...

oh .. lol ... dont bother i got it now :D

Anonymous said...

okay i got the combo for the safe. but i cant seem to open it! help!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what gives? First you say your out. Then couple days later your not...

Anonymous said...

Hi everone, GL

Anonymous said...

Difficult even WITH a thorough walk-through

xXxFrankxIeroxXx said...

what abou tthe letters in the code for the safe?

Anonymous said...

anyone have a SS on the combo for the white noisy thing? been at it for about 5mins. i get close and then lose it :"( . FUN GAME tho :)

Susan said...

I don't understand how G-D, L-K and so on...can be entered on an A-D, 1-4 chess board!!! What the heck?

Susan said...

Nevermind, this walkthrough explained it better

Unknown said...

matt w- i may be late to this game, but your consolidation of everything helped so much. a lot of it i could do on my own, but those moments when it got so frustrating i had no idea what else i could possibly click... (or ridiculous things like CDEFGAB...) oh man. thanks for passing that along. ridiculous. but still, i had to keep trying. why? because it feels so good to be free!

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

Anonymous said...

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