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February 12, 2009

kid's room

You're locked in a kid's room and you lost your phone, sounds like some major pointing and clicking will be required.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cute game

Anonymous said...

what's with the first?

Anonymous said...

My brain hurts. This one is too complicated for right now.

Anonymous said...

too hard. even the hint was hard to understand. I get that the cities in the kid's book matched up with the countries on the flags on the roof, but what's the point?
stupid kid...

Anonymous said...

walkthrough anyone this ones a bugger

Zenrage said...

Crap. You have to click on the green part of the inventory space to use the item and the blue part of the space to view it.

edit.. ahh I'm starting to solve some things here.

I'm finding several passmaker parts (under the desk, around the toys, behind the chest of drawers, on the railing of the second level - after the stairs open) - 5 so far.

To solve the first puzzle (desk)
You have to put the squares in the slots in the table as the pictures and the arrangement of the chairs indicate.

The (six) blue squares have feet on them. On the blue painting there is a cat (4 feet) in the red and white section and a bird (2 feet) in the black and white section.

The black square has a heart on it. The only object in the black picture with a heart is the horse in the red and white section.

The strawberry is the only red item.

I don't think it matters where the squares go in the respective quadrants. Once that is solved you will get a pink key (not for the door). Then go to the sheep and pull its tail. use the tail and the key on the weird contraption above the pommel horse and the stairs will open to the second level.

This is as far as I've gotten.

Zenrage said...

ok solved it...

Quoits puzzle - this one is tricky.

First get the rings from the red bin on the second floor by inserting the card you got from the chest of drawers inside it.

Second, the flags on the ceiling (seen from the first floor) correspond with the colors of the rings on page two of your book. UK = blue, Greece = Yellow, China = Black, Australia = Green, USA = Red.

The list of cities in the book each represent a separate country. Compare the list of countries to the colors found using the flag code. This denotes the order the rings should be placed onto the giraffe's neck (not the way they should look after its done).

This will open the giraffe's mouth and give you a four digit code to unlock the swing.

Clock Puzzle - After you unlock the swing, go down and examine it. You will find a compartment with three clock hands in it.

You will need the proper combination. The book gives you three sets of initials (H=M, S=S, C=H). You should be able to figure you that M, S and H on the right means Minutes, Seconds and Hours. But you need to find what H, S and C mean.

Go to the second floor and look over the railing. The animals and the train are arranged in the time pattern you need - the Cow (C), the Horse (H), the Sheep (S). And the 3 in the train will give you a reference point.

Set the clock to 1:30:35 and the blue safe on the second floor will open.

Passmaker Puzzle - the 6 parts needed are located as follows.

1 - behind chest of drawers (click on left side).
2 - behind the sheep
3 - behind the train (have to be riding the cow to see it)
4 - under the desk
5 - on the railing of the second floor
6 - behind the blue safe on legs (click around the right of the right shoe)

These parts (left and right), upon viewing them, correspond to the left and right buttons that you eventually press on the blue safe.

In order to make the buttons work, you need to put the left and right buttons into the Pass Maker and then hit OK. This will be the combination you use for the safe.

Side Note: I think the designer intended for you to follow the pattern of wins and losses in the book, but I just put all the I's on top and all the squares on the bottom and it worked fine for me.

Once you punch in your combination into the safe, you will get the cow coin from behind the cage.

Use the cow coin on the cow ride to get the key from the balloon.

Use the key to get out the door.


I have no idea where the MyPhone is. I think the Robot tricked you, but the credits suggest its in the room somewhere, but I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Got the phone!

Anonymous said...

I got the "myphone". The key to working it out ('cause telling you is no fun :P) is in the match statistics at the back of the book - pay attention to the symbol in the bottom right corner. ^^

Unknown said...

how is his possible? is it?

Anonymous said...

I got the phone.

I feel so bad for myRobot D:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chivid.
I'm Korean girl.
I felt too difficult to solve this game but I wanted to enjoy more and see how it finishes.
You give an answer so I will be able to finish the game maybe.
Anyway, thanks for the tips! ^*^
Actually, I wanted to see the solution in homepage of this game but I think it was in Japanese.
I couldn't read it at all.
I should practice more for this kinds of games and also for Japanese. Ha ha.. ^0^

Anonymous said...

Any help? My book doesn't open


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