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February 25, 2009

gift - who am i?

Lots of puzzles are awaiting your point and click solutions in gift - who am I?.


scorfcher said...

i rule

surprised said...

Blimey! 2nd!

Lynn said...

A fun and cute little game, doesn't take very long to do at all.

Chivid said...

I found all cards except hint card 1.

I have no idea where the hints are for the animal and the color combinations - I just tried various combinations and got lucky.

The riddle has me stumped, too.

J said...

Cute little game. :) Luckily the clues weren't too cryptic

Anonymous said...

The first hint is behind the couch... all I got was the sun and the milk and I'm now stuck.

Anonymous said...

never mind I figured it out XP

Anonymous said...

can you get the hint cards in english?

Anonymous said...

What actually IS the riddle? I can't give an answer when I don't know the question...!!

matt w said...

Chivid -- Hints for the animal and color:

Left side of the couch: animal is written in shrinking letters -- that means you have bigger to larger animals left to right. I wasn't sure whether zebras were larger than lions, it turns out they think zebras are.

Color: In the book it says "GROW." Green Red Orange White.

Anonymous said...

where is the sun and milk??

Anonymous said...

i have the rice, mushroom and fish...

Jason said...

The riddle's easy, I only needed two cards, but the rest confirmed it.

Anonymous said...

i can't get the white thing to open

Canadam said...

I think you can only open the 'egg' when you have achieved/got other things.. Didn't work for me at first..

The riddle is 'Who am I?' though should prob' be 'What am I?' - the hints are just that - clues.. I needed all 4 but got the quote one last which gave it away..

p.s. I didn't do it quickly and needed a walkthru when I got stuck..

Anonymous said...

yay ... made it with no help :) :)

nice game

Anonymous said...

where can you get walkthrough 4 this game or can someone tell me as i am SERIOUSLY confused!?!?!??!

Midge said...

Dyan, I couldn't have done it without the walkthrough, ok, so I cheated, but what need help, ask me.

Midge said...

rice, mushroom, fish, milk (sun in center)
answer: earth
get key

NotMarian said...

The only hint I needed was the GROW hint.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the fish or milk!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the teddies are for?

Anonymous said...

I took the walkthrough from another site:

Go to the couch and look behind it. Get the hint card.
Look around more on the couch to find a clue. ANIMAL getting smaller.
Look even more on the couch to find a compass.
Go until you find the three bears. Note 3-2-1.
Go until you find the door. Knock the knockers like on the bears.
Go inside the room and look at the stool. Take the sun coin, the stool, and the hint card.

Go to the strange circle on the ground and put the stool on it.
Then look on the shelf above for a scoop.
Go to the dirt and scoop it. You should get the milk coin.

Remember the clue from the sofa? Now go to the drawer and open it.
The answer is: ZEBRA, LION, CAT, CHICK. Press OK.
Look in the other drawer for the fish coin, a key, and a hint card.

Turn to locked shelf and use key.
Click around and get the book. Get the mushroom coin and note the hint.

Go to the egg. Note your clue: G-R-O-W.
Green, Red, Orange, White!
Now put that code into the egg… yes!
Take the hint card and the rice coin.

The pictures on each wall tell you where to place your coins in the slots. You can tell where each picture is facing with the compass.
The sun coin goes in the center because if you look up you’ll see the sky.
The correct answer to put coins in slots:
North - Rice
East- Mushroom
South- Fish
West- Milk
Center- Sun
You’ll get one last hint card.


Look at all your hint cards. The answer is… earth!
Get the key, go to the other room, and use the key. Congrats!

Conny Netherlands


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