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February 20, 2009

poco2 escape4.0

Get your point and click act together and try to escape this new escape the room game: poco2 escape4.0.


Anonymous said...

woohoo another new escape game

Anonymous said...

Anyone got past the silver plater lid thing

Anonymous said...


First time ever I finish one without looking to the solutions!!

Try to turn the silver lid to look inside ;-))

Dino Zor

Anonymous said...

Finish augh

Anonymous said...

What do I do once I have the memo?

Anonymous said...

oh, the dancing animals. What do I do?

Anonymous said...

I went out the bedroom and the game finished :(

Anonymous said...

Geez I feel stupid, all I can figure out is that there's a coin in the jar, can someone help me out?

Anonymous said...

Yaaay! I made it out!

Anonymous said...

nevermind I've just figured out everything but the clock, now how does it work...

Anonymous said...

The memo has writing on the back.

Anonymous said...

Help! What do you do with the cake and the thing on the windowsill?

Anonymous said...

Made it out. Here's a walkthrough...

On the table, click on the flowers to see the little goblin (click on each time you see him to get him to run away; eventually, he leaves you stuff.) there's a coin in the honey pot you'll need.

over by the door, you'll see a little picture of a smiling face on one side, a pink pill box thingie on the other. If you can get the pill box to look like the smilie face, (you need the coin) you can open it for a silver statue that fits the silver lid on the table.

Under the lid (and flip the lid for a memo), note the color of the candles, and the color of the balls next to them on the cake (2 red or blue balls for each color of candle); this gives you the code for the box on the windowsill.

Chase the goblin out of the clock; he hides in something else you've opened already with a gear for the clock. Replacing the gear gives you the cookoo, who has another chest key inside it.

The memo is supposed to show you (I guess) the solution for the 6 buttons above the curtain, the apple colors (3 apples; 6 buttons -- gotta do it twice.) With the curtain open, watch the hands of the little players during the song for a clue to playing the piano for the 3rd key.

Then, it's just a matter of chasing the little goblin around everything you've opened until he gets stuck in the cake. lifting him out and cleaning him off gives you a key to the little chest inside the chest, for the key to the door. You're out!

Anonymous said...

ive never been told to clean up after myself so much in a game

Zenrage said...

Walkthrough addendum

Actually, if you hold the unfolded memo up to the window, it will show you the pattern to use for the curtain above the table.

Also the location of the goblin is as follows:

1. Behind the flowers in the vase
2. In the gears of the clock
3. In the face puzzle (after you get the blue key from the color code puzzle)
4. Under the silver cover (after you get the red key)
5. In the cuckoo clock doors (after you get the tiny chest)
6. Behind the curtain above the table
7. In the color puzzle box
8. In the middle of the cake, upside down.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to do. I opened the clock, chased the goblin away. What's next?

Anonymous said...

use the coin to make the slashes go like this.

/\ /\
º · º

Piano answer 13524678

put the memo on the window RGRRGR

Box in the window 20 02 11 11

At this point you should have 2 keys, red and blue. Time to chase the goblin, click him whenever you see him

next to the daises,

inside the clock with the gears

Inside the pink box next to the door, he leaves a gear

put the gear in the clock

A chicken pops out from the doors on the top of the clock

click on the top half to open it and you have the green key, you can open the trunk

All of them, lol!

you need a key for this trunk too

the goblin has it, keep chasing him

where you found the memo

where you found the chicken

where you found the singing angels

box on the windowsill

on top of the cake

help him by clicking him until the icing is all off

He gives you another key to open the little trunk in your inventory. Then you get the door key and you can watch the little congratulations video, watch till the end and open the cake cover one last time to see a goblin party :)

Anonymous said...

There's a video walkthrough on YouTube!


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