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February 28, 2009

demonia city

A new point and click mission by Federico Rutenberg is awaiting you: demonia city.


kitiara said...

haha first! * i always wished to write that somewhere :p*

its a nice game, a bit complicated, but funny..

a hint for you. do things in correct order.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow, sorry anonymous sucks for you.
this game is indeed complicated, but what happens if you do something out of order?

kitiara said...

that happens :

you stuck :)

Kitty said...

I liked this one a lot.

Btw, anon, it usually doesn't let you do things out of order... but it's a little frustrating because if you're doing them in the wrong order, it feels like you can't do anything.

Miss Piggy said...

takes forever, but's worth it. btw, u hav 2 find out something before you can get an item against it.

Anonymous said...

this one is difficult..I'm stuck right from the beginning...anybody have a walkthrough?

bluebird said...

Nothing happens if you do things out of order. Fun, huh?

I have a hammer, the garbage can lid, the poster, a bag of flour, a stick.
I can use the stick to raise the sagging pipe but it sags again in a couple of seconds.
No two of these will combine, and the character will not use the hammer on the guard.

matt w said...

Bluebird --

Put the flour in the lid. (You can do it, I think.)

Raise the pipe with the stick, then go to the other screen (don't know if you have to do this before the pipe sags back).

The pipe should be dripping water now.

Use the floury lid on the pipe.

Use the stick on the lid; now you have a stick covered in paste.

Use the pasty stick on the poster, and stick the poster over the vent on the first screen. A door will pop open and you can go inside it.

matt w said...

When I say "the pipe should be dripping water" I mean the drainpipe toward the bottom of the second screen.

Anonymous said...

where does one find the stick?

Anonymous said...

stick= use hammer on box...then it will produce a stick

where did you find the flour?

Anonymous said...

never mind...have no clue how i obtained the flour but i did...very odd...

Anonymous said...

Wow, so good... I found those gloves... but everytime I am caught in that first room of the restricted area... what should i do? thx in advance!

Anonymous said...

you got the flour from the boxes near the guy far right. put on the gloves and go in the blue door near the guard (press at bottom of door) There are 3 pipes on the left if you take all 3 covers off the power goes and you exit the room automatically, so change them over 1 by 1 in to the correct order, thats the end of the game.

Anonymous said...

Muito Fácil!

MeganT said...


bluebird said...

thanks, matt w, got in. I had an idea that the water must go into the lid with the flour, it's nice when logic works. I must have been doing it in the wrong order.

Monkster said...

After you paste the poster and go into the room, you have to collect the items needed for the "lethal weapon" and assemple it in the right order (lol, she doesn't use it in the way it was intended...); the comic book + pencil behind it helps when dealing with a camic fan guard. once the guard is down, you get the gloves off him.

Anonymous said...



1. Walk right.
2. Pickup the trashcan lid and the poster.
3. First click the boxes and the the hammer, to make her interested in them (she just picks up a trashcan lid without thinking, but a hammer...)
4. Then click the "Scaffold" (The part to the left).
5. A hammer will drop, pick it up. (That rimmed)
6. Use it on the boxes.
7. Click on the open one, and the piece of wood which used to be a part of it. And there is your stick and a bag of flour.
8. Combine the trashcan lid and the bag of flour. And you have a "Flour in lid". (How creative)
9. Go left and use the stick on the drainage pipe, then RUN! Run to the right!
10. Use floury lid (I call it Chip) on the now dripping drainage pipe in the bottom.
11. You now got some gooey stuff called flour with water, poor Chip.
12. Combine it with your stick, then use the stick (now called paste) on your poster.
13. Use your "Paste in poster" (Gotta love the names:) lol) on the ventilation. The door pops up! Horray!
14. Click the closed door. Then walk inside the Open door, click the paper on the wall, it will give you instructions one how to make a lethal weapon.
15. Pickup the following: Battery, spanner, use stick on camera to get lens, go outside.
16. Use your spanner on the pipe to the left. combine pipe with battery to get battery in pipe.
go right.
17. Talk to guy, and go left, talk to reading guy and go inside.
18. Take comic, go out talk to him, he have it already, go inside, again, click comic to get pencil, combine it with comic to make a fake number two, horray!
19. Go outside, give it to him, right, give guy money, comebine plexo...thingy with other thingy to create super thingy!
20. Combine lens with it to create lethal weapon, use it on guard lol!
21. Go inside new door, clickelectricity thingies, the go outside and take the guards gloves, go back inside.
22. take electro things, only two at the time, and try different possitions. then when all the bars are red, your done!
23. PARTY!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope it will help!


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