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January 20, 2009

loop of the memory

Stuck in a japanese room without a key: misfortune or just a loop of the memory?


midge said...

go me, im first to start the game

midge said...

All I need to find is a CD and the combination to lock, once I have those two, I'm good as done.

midge said...

Hey bart, why is it in Chinese? You really know how to make it difficult, thanks Bart. I like it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Stuck! What is the thing inside the rubbish??

Rob said...

out! (first?)
Took some time to fit the pipes. Look left on top of the blue screen...

danny said...

i'm out woehaaa!!!!!!

Confused said...

All we get is a white screen - any ideas about how to get teh game to load?

Anonymous said...

I also get a white screen!! please any solution?

Anonymous said...

Try this link loop of the memory

midge said...

Hey guys, it took me four days, but I figured it out. I was able to get out....that was great.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the new link! :)

ved said...

1 click behind the vault find srip card there
2 on left there is a rack got fixer and pen drive,
3 behind the rack there is a red box go to computer table there is a paper
4 go to bath tub there is L junction pipe
5 click above tab remove extra pipe. double on this item make sepratl click each
6 click on left side behind curten there two pipes.
7 move to up side the fixed L junction
8 put longer pipe than connect L junction.go back put remaining pipe to where from you got this
9 click right side of tub.
10 there is a matel peace on the flore and up side a tab of water click it than on the yub's tab that's fill the water
(both tab's are any specific no. of click so try both tab untill you get water i thinj that is seven)
11 go to comp table lift the ash trey where u find the paper. there is another paper.
12 combined them as first one have to straight first.
13 sink in the water. you find the no.
14 open the vault find the CD
do to comp insert the CD then PEN drive
15 click the red box turn the bos insert the strip card than pan drive, open it put matel peace and close them you will find your key.

Medlem av kritikkr├ądet said...

thank you ved


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