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January 25, 2009


Closure is an excellent stylish new platform puzzler by Tyler Glaiel. Make sure you have flash player 10 installed for this game to work properly.


Anonymous said...

Fun game. Although I'm not really sure I understood the ending.

Anonymous said...

is it supposed to blink?

Anonymous said...

gosh how many levels are there

Anonymous said...

what kind of idiotic game is this? Every where you go you must carry this "head" or ball? If you drop it, you die and must start all over. I'm up to the part where it says "How did I get here"? now what, how do I continue from here? Any hints?

Anonymous said...

What a great game. Reality slips in and out of existence depending on whether it's lit up enough to see. So a wall that is unlit is just empty space you can jump through. Wonderful concept!

Elizabeth said...

That was a fantastic game! You just have to get onto the rules of it. Make sure you have Adobe Flash 10.0 or else it'll blink. It is very creative and you must think outside the box!

Some walkthroughs available at:

Al said...

@Bart: I just tried to open this game and somehow it seems, that the domain has been hacked or whatever. My Firewall got deactivated and my virus scanner popped-up shortly thereafter. Page seems to be infected.

Just thought you might want to remove it or provide an updated link.

Br, Al

adf said...

Did any body notice the shadow has long hair?


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