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January 27, 2009

jack and the beanstalk 3

It's that Minoto time of the week again with a fresh Minoto point and click game: jack and the beanstalk 3.


Margaret said...

Yay! This was fun. Though it was sort of confusing, I stuck it out and did it without help!

I think I'm getting the hang of these.

Anonymous said...

Minoto has way to much time...

thesmothete said...


Take shovel. Take snowball. Click monkey. Give snowball to fox. Use shovel on snow mound on monkey.
Reveal cow in bushes, take cow.
Place brown cow with white cows.
Obtain electric mouse. Plug electric mouse into heating pad.
Click cat. Get wool yarn. Give wool yarn to woman. Get knitted garment. Give knitted garment to snowman. Obtain frozen rice cake from snowman. Put frozen rice cake on monkey's grill. Dig now mound next to snowmen. Obtain jar. Enter beanpod house. Put jar on top step. Open other jar and get bean.
Give bean to demon. Done.

Bettina said...


-A shovel! Go right.
-A pile of snow to dig! Use the shovel on it. Grab the jar. Heck, grab the snowball while you're at it. Go right.
-Click on the cheeky monkey. That's no fair! Hand the fox a snowball. See who's hiding in the bushes and grab him. Go left.
-Have the moo moo join his heifer friends for a swimming party. Click the rat a couple of times to grab him. Take a look: he's electric! Go left.
-'Plug in' the mouse to electric blanket. Click kitty so she'll move to the nice new blankie. Grab the ball of yarn and give it to mom. She knits a muffler. Go on - pick it up! Go right.
-Give the snowman a muffler so he won't be jealous of his friend. Grab the object he drops and look at it. EWWW! The rice cake is all hard now. Go right.
-Dig out the monkey with your shovel to give him some air. Hey! Since he's got a hibachi now, give him the rice cake to warm it up. Bye bye! Click on the beanstalk.
-It's the meanie demon from parts 1&2! Put the jar on the landing above the next flight of stairs. He likes it! Now click on the jar with the lid and grab a bean. Give the bean to the demon.

Aww! It's a happy 1 of 1 ending! And the demon made friends!

Bettina said...

That's no fair! Someone beat me to a walkthrough by 3 min. Oh well. :)

Bart said...

yeah you're all pretty quick, there's not even a chance for the first-guy to put a FIRST!!! comment :)

Anonymous said...


sh*t, indeed to late...

Anonymous said...

bird end

Jith said...

Gosh, that was a really quick one.

Miss Piggy said...

did you know they're making new ends for the old minotos?


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