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January 22, 2009

escape from dr.ichie's cafe

Dear escape person, can you escape from dr.ichie's cafe? Was signed: Dr.Ichie...


Anonymous said...

please dont say it...

Anonymous said...

I´m first! For the first time.. Yipiie!!!!

thesmothete said...
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Anonymous said...

1. go left, zoom in on hat stand and take stick
2. zoom out again and pick up blue dart form the left table
3. notice the steering wheel on the wall
4. go left and zoom in on the cupboard
5. open the middle cupboard and pick up red dart
6. pick up the little statue with tree thingie in the middle shelf
7. place it on the left shelf - in the circle
8. you can now open the left cupboard and pick up WAVE coin
9. pick up the statue again
10. open right cupboard and notice symbols: WAVE-STAR
11. zoom out, click on bar to go to kitchen part
12. click on fridge and find the green dart (top shelf in the door)
13. zoom out from fridge and click on wash basin: you see a box with circle shapes in
14. click under the stove and notice something behind it. use stick to get it out: it’s a little dolphin
15. zoom out again and go the the window, under it is a cupboard, notice the code 3594 in the yellow front decoration, notice there’s a code window on top of it.
16. zoom out click left and zoom in on the thing next to the poster
17. place the tree statue/vase thing in the space for it, open the box and you get the COCONUT TREE coin. Don’t forget to pick up the statue/vase again
18. zoom in on the door and pick up the black dart bottom right
19. go left and place the dolphin in the wheel
20. place the statue/vase on the left table in the middle and zoom in, you’ll see numbers - am not sure what this means actually… Anybody knows???
21. play darts: put the darts (use code from cupboard) on blue 9, green 5, black 4, red 3 and go open the cupboard to find a STAR coin and another part of the order code STAR-DOLPHIN. Personally, I did this with a bit of trial and error…
22. go back to the box next to the sink.
23. first, take the last coin DOLPHIN from the cupboard (with the dolphin on) next to the stove in the corner, and find a bit of the order/code DOLPHIN-TREE
24. time to put the coins in order in that box: wave-star-dolphin-tree
25. close box and click on the lock again, the key pops out
26. open door and OUT!

Anonymous said...

the number you get from the table cloth is used at the end after you get out of the cafe for a good end.

Anonymous said...

I finally did it on my own!!! I didn't need any walkthroughs this time!!!

Except I forgot to use the numbers I got for the special thing at the end. Rats. I'll have to go back and do it again.

Anonymous said...

The Coin of Happiness!!!
I haz it!!

Anonymous said...

Whats the cane for.... i have completed it but i have not used it....


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