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November 13, 2007


Neolla starts off promising with music eerily fitting the scenic planet you obviously need to escape. But I'm afraid I keep on bumping into this nasty space monster all the time. Can you do any better in this point and click game?


Anonymous said...

there's a gun under the guys upper arm, but then I'm also stuck

Anonymous said...

Puzzle after the monster: match it with the planets outside: black on top, red to the right, yellow to the left.

Anonymous said...

then what? i entered in the ships id which i thought was on the outside of the ship...C782...but nothing happened

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Figured it out! Sheesh....thank the lord i like to click all over the place or i NEVER would have figured this game out. here is a HUGE hint. After you enter in the puzzle...go out side and click on the cliff...

Anonymous said...

Here's a walkthrough for Neolla:

-notice the three moons on the left: black,yellow,red
-click the ship
-click by the dead guy's armpit to get a gun
-click the gun and enter the door on the left
-shoot the creature
-move the circles on the panel, so it will match the moons outside: black on top, red to the right, yellow to the left
-click enter when the pattern matches
-leave the ship and click on the dip in the edge of the cliff
-click on the dead guy
-click on the area where his hand is pointing
-click the cave space
-take the silver thing
-return to the ship and place the silver thing next to the one already in place
-click the dashboard and enter the ships code: c782 + enter (small cases, no capitals!)
-lift off!

Unknown said...

pffffffff.... easy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

easy he says... after someone posted the walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

this game seriously creeps me out! urgh. the music. the half chewed off head man. the freaky apperance of the monster(shocked me!).uuueueueuurr... gives me shivers

Anonymous said...

i like point and click games but hate scary monsters-it scared the $#!+ out of time scary games someone plz post a warning....*shiver*

di said...

i can't even start the game, it says click and discover imageshack but i cant get past it

Bart said...

I've updated the link with a working one, cheers!


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