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November 30, 2007

dr dokkoy

Dr Dokkoy is the latest point and click adventure by Aztec Games. You might remember Aztec Games from previous fine adventures like escape from island and escape from octlien.


Anonymous said...

yeya im da first hehe

Anonymous said...

its december da 1st, 24 days left till christmas

Anonymous said...

aagh! help me! what do i do with the fireworks. tried shooting them at big rock and the spaceship comes out now what! i have no other items to use!

Anonymous said...

im stuck

Anonymous said...

i have the power strip the key fireworks and the ice pic what do i do with these?

Anonymous said...

use the key with the room next to the well. use the power strip with the plug in that room

Anonymous said...

Where is the power strip?

Anonymous said...

what about the statue with the bowl at the bottom?

Anonymous said...

that is just where you pick up the kite, dont think the statue has any other use.

Where is the power strip?

Anonymous said...

from where you start go up to screens. on the right there is leaves to burn you and get the bar then the giant bolder that you move with it wii smash the little house thing then it will be on the floor. what about that big ladder thing that raises from the ground whats it do?

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks. Have the power strip.

Which ladder thing? Can you be more precise?

Anonymous said...

next to the statue with the necklace?

Anonymous said...

i have just saw the giant fox robot/statue thing. i need 1 more item. i dont know what to do... help?

Anonymous said...

the statue does have a use. you put the fox orb in it

Anonymous said...

i need 2 more items

Anonymous said...

I have all items now but I never saw a statue or a tower :(

Anonymous said...

do you have the necklace? and the statue befor the screen with the ladder

Anonymous said...

Saw tower now. But where do I put the orb?

Anonymous said...

what is the item to the left of fireworks in menu? and where is it. this is all i need.

Anonymous said...

OK, finished now. Put orb into statue left of thermometer.

Anonymous said...

left of fireworks is the antenna, did you use fireworks already at the place with hot water?

Anonymous said...

i need the item to the left of the fireworks and i need to know what to do with the giant fox, and with the fireworks. The spaceship goes through, and then what?

Anonymous said...

The exact spot where to place the fireworks is actually hard to find: in the screen with hot water, click just above the darker rock at the right of path.

Anonymous said...

I mean put fireworks just above that dark rock.

Anonymous said...

what to do with antanae?

Anonymous said...

cheers! finished!

Anonymous said...

you need to fix it first with the thing on the shelf on the left in the room with the cat

Anonymous said...

then put it in the tower next to statue with necklace press button. finito!

Anonymous said...

ok done now... strange game

Anonymous said...

that was fun. might write my first walkthrough!

Anonymous said...

wheres the antenna and orb?

Anonymous said...

what do you do once you have the antena

Anonymous said...

fix it in the room with the cat

Anonymous said...

i found the antenna now i cant find the orb

Anonymous said...

once you have the rock you need to put it in the laser thing. then pick axe it. then you have the orb.

Anonymous said...

what do I do with the cable?

Anonymous said...

I mean what do I do with the cord?

Unknown said...

how do you get the ice pick?

Anonymous said...

use the magnet (metal circle)

Unknown said...

how did you get magnet?

Anonymous said...

where is the necklace?

Anonymous said...

play with the rocks at the entrance of the tunnel when you go to the observatory, you should find the magnet there.

Anonymous said...

where do you use the kite??

Anonymous said...

OK im really stuck,i am missing 1 item in the top row, its the second last one next to the battery. i am also missing 4 items in the bottom row which is the: 2nd 5th 6th and 9th. i have no clue wehat to do HELP PLEASE!!

Anonymous said...

where do you get the key?

Anonymous said...

it was an difficult game,but i made it.Fun

Anonymous said...

what do i do with the bucket of water and where are the fireworks?

Anonymous said...

someone please write a walkthrough??

I'm so stuck I might be drowning...

Anonymous said...

only thing i need now is the necklace... atleast i know where to put it once i find it.

Anonymous said...

and what do i do with the rope and pulley(assuming that they are used together).

Anonymous said...

someone help me.... what fireworks?? walkthrough please!!!

Anonymous said...

O.K.... well, the well needs a rope to go down, but its missing a pulley. Now guess whats at the bottom of the well. =}

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing that the robot is a follow up to escape from the octliens(im stuck on it). i dont know where escape from the island fits it, but i beat it once, can do it again

Anonymous said...

help, i can't use the key anywhere

Anonymous said...

What do you do with the kite and rope?. I cant put the rock in the laser i put the leans in it.

Anonymous said...

the strange looking key is for the cage and the other normal key is for the door next to the well. Does the well have a use.

Anonymous said...

done every thing now just cant get the "orb" nor use the cord or antenna.

Anonymous said...

where is the room with the cat???

Anonymous said...

use the kite outside the highest room.

Anonymous said...

go down the well, using the rope and pulley.

Anonymous said...

where is the rock, to put in the laser?

Anonymous said...

yip, i did it.

Anonymous said...

i have the normal looking key but where is the strange looking key for the cage?

Anonymous said...

I NEED HELP! i was doind a walk through but got stuck if i figure it out i will continue from where i left of. Please feel free to post the rest from where left off so others can have help. here is what i go so far.

- from where you start. There is a rope on the right tree in the branches, Get it and it will be in your first item box. Go forward/up.

- In the next scene you will see a stream on the right and a white small tower on the left. click the tower to open it and inside you will see a thermometer. get out and go back to the scene and go left.

- to the left you will see a kite on the grow next to the statue of a man holding a bowl. get the kite and it will be in your 3rd item box. go right.

- back in the scene where the small tower and stream go forward/up.

- In the next scene you will find logs on your left and a red/orange bush leaf on your right. you will not find nothing here YET so go right.

-In the next scene you will see a river bend, and a statue on the right side of the road. next to the statue is a green tree. shake/click on the tree to get acorns.

-Get the acorns and they will go on your 4th item box. Click forward/up.

- In the next scene you will see an water tower on the left and a transporter on your right. next to the transporter there are two circular tubes on the grown. click the 2nd one to open it. leave it open and move forward/up the ladder.

- scene has a large brown can on the left, a grey door on the middle, and a well on the right. Click right.

- In this scene you will see a cage with a firework and rope, nothing here YET so move right back to the well scene and go right.

- in this scene you will see a trash on the floor and a squirrel up on a tree. give it the acorns from your 4th item and he will leave the tree. click in the tree hole where the squirrel was and get a normal key.

- the key should go on the 5th item box.

- Go forward/up.

- Next scene you will see a white house with a door. nothing happens here yet do move left.

- Next scene will have a portal in the middle you left.

-Left scene you will see logs on the grown and two Blue laser boxes. Nothing here happens yet so go left.

- You will see a boulder covering a passage way, nothing happens here yet so click right 2 time till you end up in the portal scene. Go forward/up.

-Next scene you will see a steamy puddle, with a view of the sun. (click on the puddle to see the steam) click right.

-Next scene has a cave with and exit on the other side. there is a log on the ground that moves. left of the log there is a black rock on the entrance floor. click it to get magnet. Magnet goes on 9th box.

- Click forward/up.

-Next scene should have a observatorium on top of a hill. Hanging from the Observatorium telescope is a pulley.

-Use your kite in your 3rd item box to get the pulley. pick up pulley and go forward/up. Pulley goes in 10th item box.

-inside the observatorium. there is a chair, click on it to get matches, and click on the chair again for it to go back in place.

- When the chair is back in place, click on the light blue thing behind it to get battery.

- The battery will go on the 11th, and the matches will go on the 12th item box.

- click down, down, left (watch clip of robot and it will take you back o the steamy puddle scene. from there click down, right, down, left and you should end up in the well scene.

- Use your pulley and place it on the well. Pulley is in your 10th box. Next get your rope that is n your 1st box and put it on the pulley on top of the well.
Click on the rope and you will go down and find a blue-green necklace. the necklace will go on the 20th item box.

-Click on the rope to go back up and once out, to the left of the well is a grey door. use your normal key in your 5th item box to get in. Go forward/up/in.

- inside you will see a tan box in the bottom table where the cat is, click it and you should get a lens that will go in you 6th item box. on the right there is a desk. On the bottom drawer there is a blue cable that goes into the 7th item box.

-On top of the table and next to the left side of the cat, there is a display of a rock. click it and you will see the ancient stone in your 8th item box.

-Click down to go outside. once outside, click down, and down until you are in the river bend with the statue of a woman. put the necklace around her neck.

- A long tower should come out of the ground, you may go up to see the view but there is nothing to do here yet.

-Go back down to the river bend scene and click left.

- you should end up in the scene with the logs on the left and the orange leaf bush on the right. in your 12th item box use the matches to burn the leafs.

- Pick up the iron pipe, and it will go in second item box.

-From the logs scene, go right, forward/up, up to the scene of the ladder and transporter. click on the 2nd tube next to the transporter and use your battery from you 11th item box to plug in.

- the transporter should let out a light blue glow. click it to transport to another location.

- click on the fuse box in the middle of the screen and use your 7h item, your blue cable.

- Now go back into the transporter and you will be back in the scene with the water tower, and ladder.

- Click up, right, up, left, left, left until you are back in the scene with the large boulder covering the cave entrance.

- Use your 2nd item, the iron pipe to roll the rock out.

- Go in the cave, you will see a scene with a windmill, and go right, and you will see nothing but a cliff. go back left to the windmill and left again.

- in this scene you will see a bucket on the ground. the bucket will go in the 15th item box.

- Get the magnet from your 9th item box. use it on the pick the is stuck on the rock from where you got the bucket.

-You will get an ice pick and it will go in your 19th item box.

-From where you are go right, down, right, right, right, to the scene where the boulder crashed into the house. below the boulder there is a power strip. it will go into your 14th item box.

- go down, left, up, and you should be back in the room with the cat. Between the two desk is a white sleet. click it and you should see a power outlet. get the power strip from you 14th item box, and plug it in.

- From inside click down, right, up, left, left. You should be in the scene with the two blue laser boxes. in between the laser boxes the is a rock, place your ancient stone on top of the rock.

- turn on lasers. use your ice pick in the 19th item box to remove the ancient stone.

- Grab orb of fox and it goes into your 18th item box. From there go right, right, down, left, down, down, left, down, left. to the statue of a man with a bowl.

- Place the orb of fox i the bowl.

- Watch a clip of the Golden fox appear.

- From the statue-bowl scene go right, up,right, up, up, right, up, left, up, two the scene with the robot an steamy puddle. click on the puddle, and you should see a scene of the steam.

- use your bucked to get the water. go back to the scene of the robot and the steamy puddle and from there click right, up, up until you are inside the observatorium.

- From there click on the Lens in your 6th item box and place it into the telescope.

- click the telescope and you should see a scene with the robot next to a volcano.

Anonymous said...

With a little help from my friends!

Anonymous said...

Every time I look through the telescope I get stuck in that screen looking at the mountain. How do I get out of there?

Anonymous said...

oh...nevermind about the telescope thing :)

Anonymous said...

where do you get the key to the fireworks. I've used everything in my otems but the water and I am missing numbers 13, 16, and 17 onthe bottom row. What are those items?

Anonymous said...

I see something that looks like a key after the boulder smashes into that building. It won't leet me pick it up though? Is that the key or am ijust seeing things in the rock pieces?

Anonymous said...

Finally finished. That was kind of dumb.

Anonymous said...


First Screen
Grab rope hanging in the tree to the right

forward 1, Left 1

Grab Kite

Right 1

Click on stand to open door
click again to see thurmomitor

forward 1, right 1,

Click on the tree to the right to shake loose the accorns

Forward 1

Click the right tub on the ground to remove the cap

Forward 1, right 1

place the accors on the squirrel in the tree
grab the key that squirrel was sitting on

(most of this stuff moves but is not used)

Forward 1, left 1, forward 1, right 1

you will see a tunnel
click on the bottom left rock at the entrance to the tunnel
Pick up the magnet

forward 1

Drag kite drop on the object hanging from the bldg
pick up pulley

forward 1

Click wall behind the chair
pick up Fuse
Click on chair to slide it back
pick up matches

back 2, left 1

watch robot land

back 1, right 1, back 1, left 1

take the key place on the door

forward 1

click on the bottom drawer of the desk
collect wire
click on the glass case on the table
Click on rock
click on trash can
click on metal pannel(exposing plugin)
click on green box under table
grab lense

(there is other stuff that can be clicked on clues)

back 1

place pulley on well roof
place rope on pulley
click on well
grab neclace
click on rope to climb out

back 2

place neclace on statue
watch tower grow

left 1

place matches on leaves on the right
grab metal pipe

right 1, forward 2, right 1,
forward 1, left 3

place metal pipe on the round rock

forward 1, left 1

grab bucket
put magnet on the pickax in the rock

right 1,back 1, right 2, forward 1

click on steam bath
dip bucket into water

Right 1, forward 2

place lense into telescope

back 2, left 1, back 1, right 1

notice newly smashed bldg
grab extention cord (bottom right below round rock)

back 1, left 1, forward 1

plug extention cord into wall

back 2

plug Fuse into tube that you removed the cap off of
enter transporter
open pannel
drop blue wire into the pannel to complete connection
enter transporter

back 1, left 1, back 1

enter stand
place bucket on thermomitor

forward 1, right 1, forward 1

notice the new water spout and the
bling at the end of the rainbow
pick up key

Forward 1, left 1

drop new key on lock
get fireworks

right 2, forward 1, left 2

place old rock on rock between the blue boxes
click each blue box
drop pickax on newly formmed rock
turn off lasers and pick up fox orb

left 1, forward 1, right 1

place fireworks on the brown rock
watch ship take off

left 1, back 1, right 2, forward 1

Place fireworks just above the dark rock on the right side of the path
watch cut scene
grab satelite dish

back 1, right 1, back 1, left 1, forward 1

place satelite dish on workbench
receive repaired satelite

back 3, left 1, back 1, left 1

place the fox orb into the bowl no the statue
watch foxxbot appear

right 1, forward 1, right 1

climb tower
place satelite dish on right side of control pannel
slide handel up (watch fox fly)
press button
watch fox blow up other robot

the end

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, analisei a tua pagina e adorei imenso,estou ver que tás a fazer muito bem!
Para a frente com o bom espaço!

Cak said...

Wow, that was good. Age doesn't matter.

(I'm just a little bit short of new bontegames or recommendations, Bart;-), so I just started "analysing" the archive.


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