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November 20, 2007

anika’s odyssey, land of the taniwha

Anika’s odyssey, land of the Taniwha is nicely designed point and click adventure by Tricky Sheep. Use your point and clicking talents to guide Anita on her quest to rescue her rabbit pal from the eagle.


Anonymous said...

easy nice and lovely

Anonymous said...

Lol, the physics of this game were all wrong, feathers dont make you levitate... or do they?

Anonymous said...

can sumbody help me im stuck wid this giant. i hav done the part to get up next to it usein the berrys but wat now? HELP ME

Anonymous said...

nice and lovely....


Anonymous said...

use the berrys somewhere else...

Anonymous said...

Here's the complete 'Anika’s odyssey, land of the Taniwha' walkthrough:

- click the bucket, click the pump twice, an eagle steals your toy rabbit!
- click the bucket, click the fence, click the bucket twice to use the bucket as a step and jump over the fence
- move right and click the hollow log over river to crawl through, you will be stopped by trolls
- click the hole in tree stump, the red troll will climb in, click on him to push him in
- while the other trolls rescue him, crawl through the log to the other side
- move right, climb on the floating log and jump to the right, a seamonster will rise up and bump his head
- jump back on land to the left, pull on the red, green and blue vines (in that order), a chameleon will jump onto the branch
- Jump onto the floating log again and click on the chameleon’s tongue to get across the water
- jump to the right to gat on land, click on the bush above to pick the berries
- move to the rock in the water down the screen, click on the berries in your hand to throw them in the water to attract some fish
- you catch a lift on the fish, click on the mushrooms above the giant’s head to climb up
- pull the lever on the machine, click on the sparking cogs to kick the machine and knock them off, repeat this until the bridge lowers
- cross the bridge, click the mine cart to push it up the bridge, go back over bridge and click the lever
- the cart will make the bridge fall and create steps, go down there, then all to right and up, until you reach the goat
- climb back down and round to the cave, click on the cave to enter it
- click on the gate to release a boulder, click back on cave and return to the track, climb up now the goat is gone
- click the bunny to collect it, go down, the eagle will reappear, but the mountain face will scare it away
- click the feathers to make wings, click the nest to fly back
- click the bucket to take it, fill it at the pump and bring it to the house, the end!

Anonymous said...

YAY I DID IT!!!! hehe dat was a werid but fun game

Anonymous said...

This is great...usually i'm horrible at these games but this time i passed without much help.

Rya Rainbow said...

you can also kiss the stone face before you go back home and after you collect the rabbit haha. just click it.


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