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November 27, 2007

neolla 2

Neolla 2 by Rumpelchilzchen games is here with some more spacy point and click escape the room entertainment. Neolla 2 is of course the follow up of the original Neolla.


Anonymous said...

fuck yeah, i was first!!! Meeeeeeehhhhhhhheeeeeeee

Bart said...

Ok, but too bad you are anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

That was way easy....too bad so much of the stuff is invisible...ech.

Anonymous said...


ive been with your site for about a year i have to say i love it!!!

i like all your recent stuff like vozme and the phone thing....

i found a very nicly designed puzzle game very neat

put it on your siter if u can its cool

plus please tell how i become a member becouse u rock!!!!

till then for now ill start posting comments since i never did :P ill use the name links_revenge till i can get and account

if i cant i dont care i still have an awesome website to go to

keep up the good work

oh and i lllooovvee the new site thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bart said...

Thanks for the compliments links_revenge!
Yes, I like to bring some new interesting interactive webstuff next to the games like vozme etc.
RolyPoly is indeed a nice puzzle, only it's not new, and I tend to link only to new stuff.
For commenting you can create a blogger account on
Cheers and hope to see you here often!

Anonymous said...

cant find anything but keycard, cloth and book. but cant read 5th site nor do anything els, help please

Anonymous said...

dang. the first part is uber easy...but then i can't make it to the station...i see the on it and it sets off an

Anonymous said...

where is the key card???

Anonymous said...

the key card is in the left closet, up on the left side. It's invisible...

Does anyone know how I can get out? I have the keycard, but it doesn't work...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did it...
Good game!

Anonymous said...

Here's the complete Neolla2 walkthrough:

- read the message on the computer.
- go right 2 times, take the yellow book, turn to page 5 by clicking in upper right of the pages.
- go left to the lockers, left-most locker has key-card in upper part, take it.
- on top of the lockers, take the vacuum cleaner.
- take the green raincoat from the other locker (hint was in the book remember)
- go right to the books, open the air duct to let in acid rain, use the vacuum to suck up some acid.
- go left 2 times, use acid in the vacuum cleaner on the power cable next to the door.
- open the door and go outside, don't worry about the animal because you have the green raincoat.
- first go to shelter2 (remember the map): go forward to step outside, right, forward left, forward left, enter the shelter2, be quick or the acid rain will kill you!
- in the shelter go left 2 times, take the map
- now to the radiostation: step outside, left, left, forward right, forward, enter the radiostation
- click electronic map on the right, click on area13 to get the coordinates: 83,348
- now click the device on the left and enter 83 as x and 348 as y and hit send, click close.
- you are rescued!

Bart said...

And nozem is here to rescue us all :)


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