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November 07, 2007

nigepico 1.2

Gotmail has put an updated english version of nigepico online today. In this point and click game it seems like you have been dosing off during a haircut, so its your job to escape the hair salon after closing time. You might remember gotmail from other escape the room games like strawberry tomato, the sochu bar, vision museum and the privacy.


Anonymous said...

What is the code for the laptop?

nozem said...

You can find it on the cell phone, for which you needthe business card under the trashcan.

Anonymous said...

thanks, but stuck again with the cash desk :(

nozem said...

the number for the cash desk is in one the txt files on the laptop

tristan said...

the txt files can scroll down and the number is down!

Anonymous said...

it's done!

nozem said...

Here's the complete walkthrough for nigepico 1.2:

Click on first chair, click the tray, it move away and pickup the green comb.
Go to the second chair, turn it over and get the blue key.
Go to the third chair and pickup the cell-phone.
Go to the fourth chair, lift the trash can, look underneath, pickup the blue business card next to the outlet.
Examine the business card, there's a number on the back. Enter this number on the cell phone, you'll receive a mail.
Read the mail and note the code.
Go further to the right, put the laptop on and enter the code from the mail.
Read the documents on the laptop screen. Notice you can scroll them down, one of them has a number code in the lower part.
Go to the cash register on the left of the laptop. Enter the number code from the document and use the blue key to open the register.
Have a look at the photo of a cracked mirror. Notice something behind the mirror.
When you look at the cash register, pickup the mouse that is behind the laptop.
Get the batteries out of the mouse
Examine the lower books next to the cash register, get the remote control.
Enter the batteries in the remote control.
MOve further to the left and use the remote control on the heater.
Go further to the right and look at the ground under the speaker. A silver key should have fallen to the ground by turning the heater on.
Look up at the speaker, move it up to reveal a tube of rust remover. Pick it up.
Mover further to the right and open the door to the right of the four chairs with the silver key.
Enter the room, go right, click the cracked mirror, click to side (remember the picture in the cash register?) and pickup a piece of mirror.
Click the chair in front of the mirror to find a mannequin.
Use the green comb on the mannequin to find a rusty razor blade.
Use rust remover to polish the razor blade.
Click the chair on the left to find a hair dryer.
Go back to the hair salon and plug the hair dryer in the outlet beneath the big mirror.
Look at the big mirror in detail and move the hair dryer over it to reveal some characters.
This can take some time. All letters should be clearly visible.
Go to the four chair and use the mirror piece on the second mirror. The letters from above are now visible on the mirror piece.
Go to the laptop, open the document that contained the number, but look at the letters. Now move the green comb over the letters so that you see hthi.
Now move the mirror piece on top: you now see 'white chair'.
Go right to the white chair, click it, use the raisor on the back to get a gold key.
Use the gold key on the door next to the laptop, you're out!

Dimi Darko said...

an addition to the walkthrough:

If nothing happens when you try to use the piece of the mirror on the second of the four mirrors, go back to the big window, and use the hairdryer some more...

nozem said...

Thats' right, it can take a lot of drying :)

Anonymous said...

it took a while but i finally got it right.good game.

Anonymous said...

hola, love this game but cannot get the laptop to accept the code from the phone. Any hints or am i just being thick??

nozem said...

I have noticed the letters of the laptop code are sometimes slightly cut off, so a 'j' for example looks a bit like an 'i'. Hope this helps for the laptop.

Anonymous said...

thanks Nozem, you were absolutley right! Great game

>. said...

I've held the hairdryer over the mirror piece for over 5 minutes...But I can't see or do anything with it...Help me

Anonymous said...

Okay, even with the walkthrough I had some trouble... First of all, the Silver Key (once it's dropped) lands in front of the door to the right of the heater. Secondly, you can't use the razor on the back of the white chair until you've polished it.

Which if you think about it isn't really too much trouble - but it's 5:30 in the morning here and I've been suffering from insomnia.

Good fun though (and thanks for the walkthrough, a sleep-deprived brain doesn't not make for good higher reasoning...)

Anonymous said...

*does not

Anonymous said...

Just a question...
In the gae "seen on screen", in one of the levels, how can I pass the one who have U M E T H O C...?

I've got no idea, and I'm Spanish, so if it's a strange combitation i English o something like this..., I just don't know!



Elren Kora said...

Okay so someone said on youtube that there was a ghost, like everyone has seen it and I was so excited to see it too lol. Could you tell me where it is?


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