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March 29, 2010

light up

Can you light up all the dark bulbs by removing some of the other bulbs?


Anonymous said...

I just had to ...... first!

Nevermore said...

I like this one too!
Relaxing and challenging at the same time.
Thanks for the great finds Bart.

Anonymous said...

Loved it, the music went very well with the game and a good challange, I hope there will be a second one good find Bart

Anonymous said...

one of the best relaxing puzzle games i have played

jennsca said...

what`s the deal with level 16? if you do it like the doesn't work.

Fitz said...

16 glitched me out too.

So I quit!!

horrorshow said...

@ "jennsca" & "Fitz"

Here is my solution for level 16:

1. Change the bulb right below the yellow bulb into blue
2. Let the yellow bulb jump 1 time
3. Clear the highest bulb while the yellow bulb is in the air (still his first jump)

That's it :-)

Spencer said...

Im sutck on level 12

Spencer said...

Nevermind I think i got it

Anonymous said...

the bulbs are moving kinda slow. is it supposed to be like that?

Anonymous said...

y'all make me feel bad. i can't get past level 2.

Igloo said...

nice one


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