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March 13, 2023

no stars [browser]

Can you collect all the stars in no stars, the latest puzzlescript puzzler by Zuza? (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart)


Stevens Miller said...

What is the "resolution" here? 48x32? I've come to admit that some PuzzleScript games can be fun. But the ones I'm thinking of don't look like I'm seeing them through a crinkled glass shower door. I honestly cannot tell what any of the shapes in this one are supposed to be. Seems like the game would be better if they replaced the ultra-blocky sprites with more detailed images, even if the movement were still on the same grid.

Anonymous said...

I managed to fumble through all the levels.
Green is up one level.
blue is down one level?

Urban Garlic said...

Spent way too long on the last one, then got it. Found most of it a pretty good level of difficulty.

iceninexp said...

My favorite thing about Bart's site is I go to email a recommend...and it's posted.

This is a nicely elegant with some great puzzles.

Hespetr3 said...

Loved it.

eszterencs said...

For Anonymus:

blue is water, brown crates are made of wood I guess, so they swim in the water. :-)

I enjoyed figuring out the levels, for me it was the perfect difficulty, neither frustrating, nor too easy.


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