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March 13, 2023

juurru [browser]

24 tiny caves to solve and many roots to grow: Juurru, a new puzzle game by Kultisti and Sulo. (controls: cursor keys + space bar)


メグ said...

Is it super dark for anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Yes this is a very deep & dark story about... I don't know.
If you play & wait long enough you get "<3"
Funny story: If you tilt your head right it makes a ❤.
I used to tilt my head to the left "<=3".

Anonymous said...

Does it not save progress?

Anonymous said...

That went on forever.

Anonymous said...

Weird, funky, atmospheric, with good music and fun puzzles... really loved this one

Anonymous said...


Stefano said...

After the game is finished, a padlock icon appears. Maybe it's an easter egg?

If you access it, you're able to input a 7 letter password through an alphabetic pad.
Strangely, 7 characters in this pad are twitching, but I couldn't form any words to test my hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

The password is 8 letters long there are several hints of the code throughout the main game.

eel said...

the password is (rot 13) zlpryvhz, for anyone still looking


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