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March 03, 2023

uproot [browser]

A quaint puzzle platformer about an onion's quest for sunlight: Uproot by AntB225.


Anonymous said...

who else spent longer than they should randomly clicking the screen wondering why the game hadn't loaded, before they scrolled down and saw 'run game'....?

Anonymous said...

Nice easy game.
Don't waste your time going backwards from 99.
I didn't use the last few items.

Anonymous said...

Well, that one was just plain bad

- Janky, sluggish platforming physics.
- Unneeded elements all over the place, presumably because I broke intended solutions
- Frustrating interaction between the camera scrolling and the root-dragging mechanic
- "Puzzles" were generally trivial

An appeal to budding game devs out there: Platformers are really easy to make, so they're a tantalizing first option, but good platformers are very hard to make, so don't fall for the trap. Try something else. (Good puzzles are pretty tough to craft too.)

puce rouge said...

Très agréable moment de détente sans prise de tête.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. If you get stuck because of not moving a root just the right way, you get to start over a long, long way back. Sucks. Play something else.

Anonymous said...

Well I liked it.
Also there are save points.
I ran it with fullscreen.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice!

Kiel B said...

This would be enjoyable if up/W also jumped. Right hand is being used to drag the roots with your mouse. Left hand is on WASD to move around, but jump is space? I'm sure it's intuitive to PC gamers who use a lot of keys, but for a simple platformer it doesn't make sense to leave W completely empty.

Urban Garlic said...

Neat idea, but I am not a fan of the control scheme -- the combination of mouse-drag based controls and the auto-scrolling of the background was difficult for me, and also takes me out of the game a bit. Also, for me, not at all touchpad-friendly.

Clever puzzles, though. If you enjoy that sort of thing, it's worth a look.

eszterencs said...

For the first anonymous: same thing happened to me! XD

I loved this little game, I liked that there are several solutions for a problem, I really enjoyed it! Control was fine for me.


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