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March 25, 2022

the mage [browser]

Save the king from the assassination plot by using your magic to possess another body in the puzzle platformer The Mage by Gabriel Bissonnette and Vincent Salgueiro.


Anonymous said...

Nice game.

The Great Unknown said...

Delightful game!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable game, the only thing I'd say I disliked is that the spirit gates were only visible in the moment of changing bodies. If the were visible from the start it would make the game less frustrating.

Yu said...

Very nice game

Markus said...

This game won't start neither in Chrome nor in Firefox (latest versions) on my Macbook. Any idea? Thanks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i found it dreadfully boring and a bit finnicky, sometimes not reading my jumps :/

Anonymous said...

So I gave up on lv 20 again.
I dead drop to jumper, hit switch & high pass.
Drop down 1 & dead drop to climber.
He ups & over to switch & passes to last guy.
But I can never get him to run under fast enough!
Is this the right way to do #20?

The Great Unknown said...

I recall from the walkthrough, that your solution is right. I gave up at level 20 also, once I learned I had essentially "solved it" and it's the last level.

Anonymous said...

Cool little game. The levels that see, more difficult (e.g. 20, 25) rather change the gameplay style. Early levels are more about figuring out the correct order, placement etc of the bodies, but later levels often require a really quick coordination that's more about reflex than pure slow strategy.

Once you realise that you're not tricking the game by trying to play as fast as possible, the later challenges are more fun than frustrating. Great game!

eszterencs said...

I really loved this cute game, althought I felt sad for my continuosly dying army. :-) I played all the levels, and I think only a few of them needed fast actions or very exact jumping, and not on a frustrating way.

For level 20 you don't even need the thief to climb, he can die on his floor. When the other guy reaches the switch, it needs an immediate, really fast soul changing, that is true, but it is managable with a few attempts, because the game doesn't need very exact targeting with the soul, enough to reach the shiny outline of the next guy. For me it was easier to do this by overjumping the switch for not hitting it, prepare a little bit in head, then run left and immediately hit E, focusing on moving the soul, hit E and run right.

My only critics that I restarted many times the game instead of hitting E for soul change :-D but that is more my fault. :-)


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