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March 05, 2022

laqueus escape - chapter 6 [browser]

Your escape from this strange place continues: Laqueus escape - chapter 6, the latest escape the room game by SmartCode.


Stevens Miller said...

Most sophisticated entry in the series yet. Puzzles were a bit tougher than we'd have liked in a couple of places, and the connections between some of the clues and the answers they provide seemed tenuous. Big issue with the coin-drop puzzle where we had to click dozens of times to get the pegs to go into the proper holes (while putting them into the wrong holes was easy).

Excellent overall set of games. Wonder why they do them for free?

Anonymous said...

Is there a 6th fuse?
How do you move the coin in the drop game?

Zet said...

No, only 5 fuses.
You can drop the other "coin" by selecting it and then clicking on the top of the drop-puzzle.

I liked the game. It was at the exact difficult level that I really had to think quite a few times, but I never needed to look for hints.

For the pegs: First try with only one peg. This will lead you to the right track.

Anonymous said...

I only found 2 cards --spoiler clue doors open & close, top & bottom.
I broke something with the container, it might have had a card on it.

The fusebox clue says "rear" view or wiring you can't see.
The "coins" are fat.
The math clues are simple counting, adding ect.
The spyglasses are for pixel hunting 2 clear clues.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to remark on the doors left open.

WWTF! They even had signs not to do that.

Anonymous said...

I love this series, this part as well. I also think it is the good difficulty.

spoiler for the cards (rot13):
1. penar pbagebyyre ebbz qbbe, sebz vafvqr
2. obggbz bs gur pbagnvare (zbir vg gb Q-gjryir)
3. qbjafgnvef, vafvqr bar bs gur pnovargf, ba gur furys

Nathan K. said...

I really enjoy this series every time. A lot of attention was paid to designing the atmosphere of these underground rooms, which is good, because I usually spend a long time stuck in them!

I ended up having to look up a walkthrough for the final set of puzzles, which require you to enter five pairs of digits in order to get the exit door to open. While I was able to tell from the clues where I was supposed to get each pair of digits, some of them seemed to allow for multiple interpretations, and I don't know that I would have ever come up with the correct ones.

Anonymous said...

i didn't like it as much as the earlier ones. too dark and too much satanic symbolism. i'm quitting this series


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