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March 05, 2022

jumping clones [browser]

Control multiple characters at the same time and make them all reach the exit in the puzzle platformer Jumping Clones, the latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez.


Anonymous said...

Not too tricky, but a fun platformer that makes you think a bit.

Lulu said...
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Lighty said...

I always like Robert Alvarez's games, there's a naïve simplicity to the graphics which can hide a fiendishly difficult game mechanic. This one wasn't too hard, some timed jumps and movements required and the changing behavior made some interesting levels, but managed to finish without too much hair pulling (another reason to like his games) :)

a12r13 said...

Amusing but a little bit too "platformer" and not enough "puzzle" for me.... I don't like jumping in pace.

eszterencs said...

I feel it is a bit harder than the other games from Robert Alvarez, maybe because it needs more concentration on the jumps and less problem solving. :-) I still like it though, as all his other games!

Urban Garlic said...

This is about the limit of my age-degraded hand-eye coordination, I think -- very high-twitch for me, but I got it done.

Weirdly, the hardest level for me was level 5 -- took me *ages* to think of the mechanic that makes it work.

Yu said...

Robert's games are always somewhat hard :P


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