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March 24, 2022

shadeshift [browser]

What you can't see isn't real in the puzzle platformer Shadeshift created by Lunasii for the 'it's not real' themed Brackeys 2022 game jam.


Anonymous said...

Please make D for Jump so we can use both hands

Anonymous said...

The flashlight often gets stuck either on or off. Without that being fixed most of the levels are unplayable.

Lighty said...

Managed to finish all levels, though the key combinations are tricky considering you also need to use the mouse simultaneously. W for jump would have made life more familiar. But that said, a good concept with enough difficulty to keep it interesting but not too frustrating.

Reese said...

This was a fun & simple puzzle game. I normally use the arrow keys when playing games so, the controls weren't a problem for me. I was able to beat all the levels except the one called Aristotle because I couldn't get the flashlight to stay in one spot likely due to the amount of objects moving at once in the level.

Yu said...

It's hard to control, I'd prefer W for jumping. Or arrow keys being UP for jumping. It was very frustrating and I left the game :(

Anonymous said...

If there are too many items moving (lv18) stop them.
Aristotle is lv18 & I fell through the upper floor.
Hardest level for me was #20, Cube got payback.

Anonymous said...

It is a really nice game, but using keyboard and mouse mixed control is a real pain. The only way I could manage to play to use the arrows for navgation and change the mouse left handed.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is the right way for the level Aristotle, but I could solve it. I didn't use neither the left side room or the upper moving platfrom, I don't know what are these for... I just dropped the cube from the top (with a short flashlight), step on it, swiched on the light and (with a few attempts) jumped on the top of the leftmost up-down moving platfrom -- this made it stay down, but keep jumping on it makes it move upwards a bit and possible to jump towards the next platfrom. So I either pushed the cubes on the platforms or keep jumping on them, I could move to the right until the last one. I removed the cube from the one before the last one to make it stay up, made sure the last one is still moving, went down from the right, and with the flashlight on I just run under the moving last one. :-)


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