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September 02, 2021

dark light swap [browser]

Light pushes light and dark pushes dark. Switch between the two characters and guide both to the exit in each level of the latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Dark Light Swap. (alternative link)


Anonymous said...

Will be very tricky if you forget that you can use the x key to switch characters!

Anonymous said...

Level 20 was pretty tough. Gotta work together!

Anonymous said...

Rage quit at level 22

Nat (the Chicken) (R) said...

Itch isn't working for me rn, so in case anyone else needs it here's the Newgrounds link:

ROBOT said...


Anonymous said...

@Robot - not quite impossible, but level 6 was one I struggled with too.

What you need to do is put the two white blocks vertically, then move the black character to the bottom of the white blocks. Use the white character to move the top white block out of the way, then the black character can push the black block up into the white section. Do that again to get a second black block, and use the two black blocks to create a path across the white section so that the white character can reach the portal.

I still haven't worked out how to do level 22, though.

Anonymous said...

Level 22 really isn't making any sense.

Urban Garlic said...

Level 22 is not impossible, although to be honest I'm not entirely sure I could do it again.

My strategy was to just try to create as many single-white and single-black blocks as I could and use them to make bridges across the stripes. This worked, with a few flashes of insight about where there were opportunities to move single blocks that had arisen "accidentally".

A smarter scheme would plan ahead and not rely on luck and accident for these, and I can imagine that, but that's definitely not what I did.

MRK said...

Really enjoyed the combination of simple mechanics yet clever puzzle design of this one! Reminds me of an old favorite: Dongleware's 1990 puzzle game Oxyd: black marble on side and white marble on the other cooperating to solve each level. Thanks for the challenging fun, Robert and Bart!


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