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September 15, 2021

epolevne [browser]

Make your way to the exit in each level by planning your route to activate all the switches in Epolevne, the latest puzzle platformer by Kultisti.


Anonymous said...

Fun game. Got much easier when I realized you can't run off a platform.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's my fingers or my browser, but I can't jump up-left. The other three directions are fine. Makes it impossible to play.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if you're trying with arrow keys, try with w-a-s-d

Anonymous said...

The angled jumps are painful initially. But I gave up on the moving platforms.

Anonymous said...

i've long been in the habit of reading nonsense titles backwards or looking for anagrams, though I didn't get it until the end.
actually no I still don't

Anonymous said... was okay, but sort of disappointingly easy. Definitely not a "puzzle" platformer, though. The emphasis was wholly on platforming, with only a mild amount of planning your route, which was generally way too open to be called puzzley.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, definitely a backward title. On the developer's website , it even has the tagline, "pick up the epolevne". But of course, "pick up the envelope" makes zero sense as it relates to the game, unless I'm missing something obvious. Or maybe the developer was creating the game, but couldn't come up with a clever title and there was an envelope on the ground and someone was trying to vacuum the carpet and said, "hey, pick up the envelope" and the title of the game was born!

Anonymous said...

Never mind. I confess I didn't actually finish the game, but just now watched a walk through and there is indeed an envelope!

LongPeter said...

About the Jumps.

It looks like the game / interface / keyboard is only reading the first 2 key strokes.

Moving diagonal = 2 Keys. Jump 3th key, He wouldn't jump
Moving Sideways = 1 Key, Ad Jump = 2 Keys Move Diagonal by adding up or down is 3 keys
And he would not turn.

Working for me was:
Move sideways + jump. ( 2 keys )
Release Jump key as soon you are airborne.
Add up or down to go diagonal.

Kiel B said...

@LongPeter - 3-key inputs worked fine for me. I'm using Google Chrome.


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