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September 14, 2021

drawstage [browser]

Reach the jewel in each level by drawing extra platforms to overcome traps in the puzzle platformer DrawStage by baba_s_.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for playing.
Perfect Cleared: 2/40
Total Line Length: 10757
Play Time: 1:46:35

Anonymous said...

Full golden, but can't find anywhere that tells me total stats :(

Anonymous said...

my biggest upset, besides the ones where you toss the lines around, is level 8 completed with a line length of 7

Kaden Vanciel said...

When are the walkthroughs coming along? I can't get past level 19.

Anonymous said...

Managed to get 40/40 perfect! Total line length 2888, time 1:40:33

Bob said...

What is required to get the stats? I have all levels gold but the stats are still disabled.

Anonymous said...

For level 37, can't find out a solution within 100

Anonymous said...

Level 37: I solved it with 18. Precise timing is needed to jump on falling lines and jump to the other side.


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