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September 13, 2021

announcing sugar game [news]

So here we go, it's time to announce my next mobile game: SUGAR game! Experience the soothing puzzling with sugar particles in this modern take on my 'sugar, sugar' games. A new free game coming to mobile soon! You can pre-register the game now on the Apple app store or the Google Play store to receive the game on release day next month (no worries, it's a free game). It was time for a brand new sugar experience, redesigned from the ground up with all new levels, lots of levels, so I hope you'll enjoy this!


Anonymous said...

You should know that searching "sugar game" does not find it on the App Store. You quickly get lost in "Candy" titled games. Fortunately one of the first matches is "sugar, sugar", so from there I could view the list of your other games and that revealed the reason why... It's listed as "sugar (game)" doing a search with the parens brings it right up.

Long Peter said...

Try searching for Bart Bonte?
Or Bontegames.

Will it inclue freestyle Levels?
Will tilting the Phone change the gravity?
Shaking the Phone make the sugar float like in a snow globe.

Bart said...

Search should already be much better now, it takes some time for new games to get indexed.
(It's one of the reasons I'm working with preregistration this time).

Yu said...

Ohhh, sweet!!! Can't wait now!!

helen said...

Will it be available on PC as I find the screen on my phone too small and prefer to use a mouse


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